Blizzcon Pet announced!

DeathlocSo if you didn’t catch any of the news as it rolled straight off the press yesterday, Blizzard have announced the pet available to people attending Blizzcon as well as those purchasing a virtual ticket for the event.

I didn’t really see this coming. When I heard the pet was Deathwing related I couldn’t imagine what they would come up with. There already is a mini-deathwing available for people who pick up a Collectors Edition of Cataclysm, a deathwing murloc, that certainly surprised me.

I myself aren’t into vanity pets all that much. I think its nice to have an original one or something to get peoples attention etc but as a Rogue I tend not to bother with them since they kind of give away my location when stealthed :P. On my Mage however I do tend to bring one out now and then, usually my phoenix from MGT as its pretty rare, but I would love a murloc as their sounds are great! I don’t tend to spend much if any cash on virtual things as I can’t push myself to ‘waste’ my money on something I don’t have physically. I won’t be spending the £25 price tag on a virtual ticket as I don’t think the pet is worth that much and I’ll just find out all the Blizzcon news from  my favourite podcasts as well as various blog sites.

Anyone else considering this pet? Or have opinions on its looks? I like murlocs but this one isn’t really down my alley.

Which Worgen

As an alliance based player, Worgen is the upcoming race for me to roll when Cataclysm hits. I will most likely roll a goblin at some point just to try out their starting zone, however I hope to have an end-game Worgen sooner rather than later.

However I am stuck with a dilemma, which class to roll with my Worgen. When I first heard about the race I noticed they could be Mages and even though I had a Mage I thought I would just wait for the customisation to open and change him, but this would mean missing out on the starting zone so I need a new class.
Ideally I would love a Worgen Rogue, it seams the class they fit the best, except I want a class I haven’t already got so that rules out; Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Deathknight and Warlock, pretty much all the classes open for them. The classes I’m yet to roll, that I want to try, include; Shaman, Druid, Paladin and Hunter. Ruling out Shaman and Paladin as they aren’t available for Worgens I’m left with a Hunter or Druid. Ideally I really want a druid more than a hunter, but one the Worgen’s big features is the human/worgen transformation. With a druid already being able to transform (and being in its forms most of the time anyway) its a killjoy to even using a race that looks good. This leaves me with only one option, it looks like I’ll be rolling a Hunter in Cataclysm.

I don’t mind Hunters, being one of the easiest classes to level as well as a great dps output it should be fun to give a go. On the other hand I would rather have a more melee based class such as Warrior or Rogue, but that would mean getting one of my current characters swapped over. I don’t want to do with my tiny Rogue so chances are I’ll go with either swapping or deleting my 61 Warrior. I levelled him with RAF anyway so wasn’t too much trouble but its still a bit of a waste.
Ahhhhh decisions! Still got a couple of months to go so hopefully I’ll be able to decide on a class but it is a real shame most of the classes I would prefer my Worgen to be I already have :(.

Searching High and Low…

So since the news release on the Collectors Edition of Cataclysm I’ve been searching all over the internet to get a pre-order. I already have the standard edition on pre-order however I would love a mini Deathwing pet!

The only places I have managed to find taking orders online are GameStop and But they are for US citizens, no where does UK pre-orders. I was also told it would only be available from stores not online however all my local game shops tell me they aren’t and don’t plan on doing a pre-order :S

Only options I have left are to hope for a midnight launch at a local store, wait a few days after release til I can get my hands on a copy or just settle with a standard edition on launch.

WoW Pranks

After reading an article on about pranks it reminded me of a moment 2 nights ago that had me in absolute stiches! Was even worse that it was almost 2am and I was trying to keep my laughing in from waking people up.

We were in Azol Nerub, and like the fail post earlier were about to drop down the ‘safe’ hole. One of my friends, Xníghtingale, who plays a deathknight was first down the hole and was already scheming. I was on my Mage so to avoid any mishaps always slowfall the last bit. Anyway, unbeknown to the Paladin, nightingale decided to pop Path of Frost at the last second causing that nice crashmat of a pool to become a concrete death slab waiting for impact. Needless to say the paladin hit it hard causing us all to uproar with laughter on Teamspeak. We are unsure on how the paladin took the joke, guessing it was pretty lightly as he still grouped with us after but its those moments that I really enjoy WoW and glad there’s always fun to be had when people surprise you.

Path of Frost Prank

Path of Frost Prank

A lucky day

So after dinging 80 on Wizzam I got to work farming random dungeons to gear up on emblems, as I was fortunate to get straight into heriocs this wasn’t a problem however I was unsure on what to spend my emblems on so I didn’t was any picking up something that I might replace from a herioc boss 10mins down the line.

I popped over to, a website I used to help me out with preparation in endgame TBC. I made a list of items I could do with from heroic bosses and any items I could get from emblems that was better I bought as soon as I could afford. At first I was just doing randoms in hope that I could stumble across the dungeons I needed while also grabbing plenty of emblems in the mean time, but being undergreared for the ICC 5-mans I decided I would make a push to gear up and started choosing individual dungeons.

My first was the Occulus, I needed the Cuffs of Winged Levitation from the cache. I hit it lucky they dropped the first time and was the only person that needed. Next up was the Halls of Lightning, target boss Loken. I was the only clothy in the group but I had ran this dungeon a couple of times on Tynee recently aswell as Wizzam and never seen the Woven Bracae Leggings drop. It must have been my lucky day tho, as 2 dungeons in a row I had got the items I came for, as well as some upgraded blues I didn’t plan on. The luck was short lived, third dungeon up was Azol Nerub, home of Anub’arak. My checklist only had 1 item here, Sash of the Servant, which didn’t drop 🙁 but after a lucky day and falling short only 1 emblem of a new headpiece I left it there. Hope my next trip brings me the same luck.

Azjol Fail Fall

So we all know how boring heriocs can get these days, same dungeons day in day out as you farm your badges whether it be the 2 frost or countless triumphs. Well sometimes you can come across some strange experiences and some weird players in your time. More recently I had a tank that wouldn’t shut up about his sex life, but the most recent occurrence was a fail fall in Azjol-Nerub.

Shortly after the spider boss you need to drop down a hole which seams almost 100% safe with the invisible walls keeping you in check. However some unlucky priest still managed to slam right into the platform at the bottom.

Azjol-Nerub fail fall

Azjol-Nerub fail fall

Being the only healer and resurrection enabled class it did slow our run down as he had to run back through but many laughs were had in between his blizzard cursing :P. Anyone else had any abnormal funnies that have spiced up their heroic runs?

Wizzam dings 80!

Last night I managed to ding 80 on my mage, so that is now two characters at 80 just in time for Cataclysm. However after having one character at 60 in vanilla and two at 70 in TBC, I had hoped for three at 80 in WotLK. I’ve got a couple around about 60ish but the next character I’ll be moving over to will probably be my priest, Adlanna, as I want to get some end-game healing experience. I’m not likely to get her up in time for Cataclysm and after that will be alot of time spent on getting Tynee and Wizzam raiding ready so she might not hit cap for a long time but hopefully I’ll get her high enough to max out her professions.


Anyway I was quite fortunate last night as only an hour after dinging and having learnt my new spec and rotation (not much sadly for mages) my guild were doing a ToTC10 run. Having no 80 gear it was ideal for me to get geared up a little. I managed to pick up Darkbane Pendant and Rod of Imprisoned Souls. This in turn boosted me up enough so that now apparently I’m geared enough for heriocs. So hopefully I may end up grabbing Kingslayer on Wizzam almost as soon as I do on Tynee 😀