A lucky day

So after dinging 80 on Wizzam I got to work farming random dungeons to gear up on emblems, as I was fortunate to get straight into heriocs this wasn’t a problem however I was unsure on what to spend my emblems on so I didn’t was any picking up something that I might replace from a herioc boss 10mins down the line.

I popped over to http://wow-loot.com/, a website I used to help me out with preparation in endgame TBC. I made a list of items I could do with from heroic bosses and any items I could get from emblems that was better I bought as soon as I could afford. At first I was just doing randoms in hope that I could stumble across the dungeons I needed while also grabbing plenty of emblems in the mean time, but being undergreared for the ICC 5-mans I decided I would make a push to gear up and started choosing individual dungeons.

My first was the Occulus, I needed the Cuffs of Winged Levitation from the cache. I hit it lucky they dropped the first time and was the only person that needed. Next up was the Halls of Lightning, target boss Loken. I was the only clothy in the group but I had ran this dungeon a couple of times on Tynee recently aswell as Wizzam and never seen the Woven Bracae Leggings drop. It must have been my lucky day tho, as 2 dungeons in a row I had got the items I came for, as well as some upgraded blues I didn’t plan on. The luck was short lived, third dungeon up was Azol Nerub, home of Anub’arak. My checklist only had 1 item here, Sash of the Servant, which didn’t drop 🙁 but after a lucky day and falling short only 1 emblem of a new headpiece I left it there. Hope my next trip brings me the same luck.

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