Azjol Fail Fall

So we all know how boring heriocs can get these days, same dungeons day in day out as you farm your badges whether it be the 2 frost or countless triumphs. Well sometimes you can come across some strange experiences and some weird players in your time. More recently I had a tank that wouldn’t shut up about his sex life, but the most recent occurrence was a fail fall in Azjol-Nerub.

Shortly after the spider boss you need to drop down a hole which seams almost 100% safe with the invisible walls keeping you in check. However some unlucky priest still managed to slam right into the platform at the bottom.

Azjol-Nerub fail fall

Azjol-Nerub fail fall

Being the only healer and resurrection enabled class it did slow our run down as he had to run back through but many laughs were had in between his blizzard cursing :P. Anyone else had any abnormal funnies that have spiced up their heroic runs?

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