Which Worgen

As an alliance based player, Worgen is the upcoming race for me to roll when Cataclysm hits. I will most likely roll a goblin at some point just to try out their starting zone, however I hope to have an end-game Worgen sooner rather than later.

However I am stuck with a dilemma, which class to roll with my Worgen. When I first heard about the race I noticed they could be Mages and even though I had a Mage I thought I would just wait for the customisation to open and change him, but this would mean missing out on the starting zone so I need a new class.
Ideally I would love a Worgen Rogue, it seams the class they fit the best, except I want a class I haven’t already got so that rules out; Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Deathknight and Warlock, pretty much all the classes open for them. The classes I’m yet to roll, that I want to try, include; Shaman, Druid, Paladin and Hunter. Ruling out Shaman and Paladin as they aren’t available for Worgens I’m left with a Hunter or Druid. Ideally I really want a druid more than a hunter, but one the Worgen’s big features is the human/worgen transformation. With a druid already being able to transform (and being in its forms most of the time anyway) its a killjoy to even using a race that looks good. This leaves me with only one option, it looks like I’ll be rolling a Hunter in Cataclysm.

I don’t mind Hunters, being one of the easiest classes to level as well as a great dps output it should be fun to give a go. On the other hand I would rather have a more melee based class such as Warrior or Rogue, but that would mean getting one of my current characters swapped over. I don’t want to do with my tiny Rogue so chances are I’ll go with either swapping or deleting my 61 Warrior. I levelled him with RAF anyway so wasn’t too much trouble but its still a bit of a waste.
Ahhhhh decisions! Still got a couple of months to go so hopefully I’ll be able to decide on a class but it is a real shame most of the classes I would prefer my Worgen to be I already have :(.

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