Twilight Vanquisher

Haven’t been up to much on World of Warcraft lately, been having loads of issues with my motherboard accepting my new RAM. Managed to get it working tonight however it won’t remain stable so had to revert back to my old RAM for now til I’ve got time to mess around.
Managed enough time to complete my Argent Tournament dailies though aswell as farm a few HCs for emblems and honor before my guild pulled me into an OB25 3D. Was ezymode with the amount of gear we all had, in and out, job done in minutes. Its looking like Tynee might get left behind, I think I may end up reverting back to my TBC idea in Cata. Gearing up Wizzam for PvE and if end-game cata is anything like WotLK then just farm emblems and honor for Tynee’s PvP gear for the rated Battlegrounds.
If I manage to get my RAM sorted sooner rather than later then I’ll be looking to get my hands on some recording and editing software to fill my new YouTube channel :).

Wizzam ventures into ICC

Last night Wizzam took his first steps into ICC with 24 other players. I’ve only managed 1 ICC25 with Tynee as since then the usual raid leaders had a party to attend then I was off to i40 and then the lakes. I originally planned to do an ICC25 HC with Tynee however barely any of the 26 signed up came online during invite time so I jumped into a normal guild ICC25 with Wizzam and got really lucky. I missed out on a spell damage dagger early on however HC gunship dropped some loot I could do with. Can’t say I didn’t make the other casters cry when I rolled a 96 for Ring of Rapid Ascent then a 95 for the next item, Amulet of the Silent Eulogy. There was a Mage decked out in the Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia who was desperate for the ring but I’m glad it went to someone more important 😉

We went on to plough our way through the bosses and tried Rotface on Herioc but after 3 wipes gave up. We were dropping 3-4 players early on due to not moving as soon taps began and waiting for slime as well as big spray hits etc. Well we took him on normal then moved on to one hit Festergut, Professor Putricide and the Blood Prince Council before hitting a brick wall on Blood-Queen Lana’thel. People messing up on biting as usual as well as not moving with Swarm of Shadows or getting close enough for Pact of the Darkfallen. After about 5-6 wipes we called it a night at 12am. It was all going so well until then and I had hoped to better her since I had the same issue when I was here with Tynee a few weeks earlier, people failing on bites.

Icecrown CitadelAnyway, it was a great night and can’t wait til next Friday to possibly get my hands on some more gear. I’m only about 33 frosts from buying my first piece of Bloodmage Regalia, Bloodmage Robe.
Got to shoot off now to walk the dog before upgrading my PC RAM and moving over to Windows 7. Laters!

Azerothian Navigation

Cataclysm LogoBlizzard have just announced a new build for the Cataclysm Beta. It includes many things much as new talents, titles, an alliance guild mount, updated guild and player achievements as well as numerous class changes. You can read about most of them on MMO-Champion, however my favourite news is the cost of Azerothian Navigation.

We’ve added a new flying skill called Azerothian Navigation. When World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is released, players who purchase the expansion will see this skill available from flight trainers once they reach level 60. This new skill is required for flying around all Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zones, including the new level 80-85 zones.

The cost for this is 250 gold. The name has also changed. I’ve updated my original post with the new information.

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)

I’m guessing once its live they won’t leave it that cheap, but one can only hope. With the costs of 310% speed being announced as 5,000 gold for those without a 310% mount, I can’t see them wanting to sink any more than 1,000 gold for this skill. Obviously most players returning to Azeroth for 80-85 quests should have more than enough to pay to fly there and the lower levelled characters don’t get flying til 60 anyway so don’t need it cheap at all.
We’ll see how things go but as it stands I’m loving the cost :D.

Pre-Cata Event: First Thoughts

So late last night I managed to get into the short Gnomeregan quest line. From the moment I begin I chuckled to myself about a couple of little things. If you are yet to try this event I suggest you stop reading now as I will ruin the surprises 🙂

Beginning with the Gnomes in Ironforge you have to coax them into signing up for the fight. It’s pretty standard until you have your 5 then it starts looking cool, even more so when all 5 mount up with you on there little mechostriders :D! Most of the other quests are pretty simple, not much too them except from learning to drive a battletank and an over abundance of Braveheart lines. No challenge but you can’t expect much since these are made available for every character at every level, nevertheless it was still fun to complete.
The final quest involves having to meet High Tinker Mekkatorque at the battlefield to help in the final stage of the fight. When we arrived (me and my girlfriend on her druid) there weren’t many other characters there yet, all level 80 however so I’m guessing it zones out players of different level ranges. We sat around waiting for him to arrive, some players dueling, some sitting around my campfire and comparing non-combat pets and most dressed in there gnome infantry costumes you get from the quests beforehand.
After about 5-10min wait, High Tinker Mekkatorque eventually showed his face, only to have us wait another 5 minutes before the battle began. You get a buff which keeps mana and HP pretty much full the whole time and I’m sure you also get a damage buff as it certainly felt like it. Fighting waves and waves of high HP mobs made me wonder if a 79 would gain alot of XP from this or not. I can’t quite remember the level of the mobs though so Blizzard may have set it to make them too low to get any exp. The finale of the battle involves you and the whole army of players and NPCs being faced with a cut-scene with a bomb which starts at a 10minute countdown before jumping down to 10seconds. Fortunately gnomes and their knack for gadgets you get teleported out of the city to safety in Ironforge with a break between to see the explosion. By far the most awesome part of the chain 🙂 Your award with an achievement and statless Gnomeregan Drape.

I expected something a little more epic but too be fair this is only the beginning and I can only imagine the next steps in the assault on Gnomeregan will just get better and better.

Pre-Cata Events Begin!

After the welcomed reception (by most of the community) and popularity of the pre-WotLK events, Blizzard have decided to do the same with the upcoming Cataclysm Expansion.

Two new events kicked off today, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. The Horde are given the chance to begin re-taking the Echo Isles just off the southeast coast of Durotar. Whereas the Alliance begin re-taking Gnomeregan in the west cliffs of Dun Morogh.

I myself have no horde characters so the Call for Zalazane’s Fall doesn’t interest me, however I am looking forward to getting home and begining my seige on Gnomereagan, especially since one of my main characters is a Gnome.

There are both achievements and possibly an overcloak (if the PTR is correct) to be had for completing the quests available. Starting with A Few Good Gnomes in Ironforge, there are plenty of quests to go through based on the surface of Gnomeregan. I can’t wait til I get my characters through the experience and do my part to get that once popular city back off those pesky lepers!


Epic Achievement

Only 1 day 6 hours played at 80 I’ve grabbed my Epic achievement. Got it much faster than on Tynee, however higher level gear is so much easier to get your hands on now with the ICC5s, better emblem gear and TotC raids. My final piece were the Khadgar’s Leggings of Triumph, which are now gemmed and enchanted and ready to go.

Only thing I’m really considering now is the chest piece but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get into a few ICC10 and 25 runs geared as I am. With more interest in Wizzam lately I’m a little worried I get Kingslayer on him before Tynee 😛

Cataclysm CE available in the UK online

So finally more and more UK stores have been offering pre-orders on the Collectors Edition for Cataclysm. So far I’ve noticed both ShopTo and stocking the game with a £55 asking price.

I myself have now decided against the collectors edition. As much as I would love all the goodies I’m not willing to pay more than double the cost of the standard version for it. I would of paid about £40, maybe £45 at a push, but £55 is really asking too much in my opinion. Yeah the pet is probably worth a few pound on its own and you may end up with another couple of loot cards in the card pack, but £30 on top of the normal asking price doesn’t weigh up for me.

Back from my Holidays

Sorry for the recent lack in activity I’ve been on 2 short holidays and haven’t played any World of Warcraft or had time to note down a blog post.

My first trip was down to Newbury over the bank holiday weekend for i40. There wasn’t much WoW stuff going on so not really anything to blog about. Spent most of my time on Counterstrike Source warming up and playing tournament matches. If I wasn’t doing that I was checking out the exhibitions, hauling in freebies or playing Mafia 2/Fifa 10 on my brothers Xbox 360. Had I great time and think its going to be on the cards for another trip down next year.

Once I finished the 5 hour drive home from Newbury and caught up on some sleep I was off to Windermere in the Lake District for a less technology encompassed time out. Went rowing on the lake the first day, gave GoApe a blast on the Wednesday, went for a great walk on the Thursday then back home yesterday.

Had a great time and now I’m back expect the blog to start rolling again 🙂