Pre-Cata Event: First Thoughts

So late last night I managed to get into the short Gnomeregan quest line. From the moment I begin I chuckled to myself about a couple of little things. If you are yet to try this event I suggest you stop reading now as I will ruin the surprises 🙂

Beginning with the Gnomes in Ironforge you have to coax them into signing up for the fight. It’s pretty standard until you have your 5 then it starts looking cool, even more so when all 5 mount up with you on there little mechostriders :D! Most of the other quests are pretty simple, not much too them except from learning to drive a battletank and an over abundance of Braveheart lines. No challenge but you can’t expect much since these are made available for every character at every level, nevertheless it was still fun to complete.
The final quest involves having to meet High Tinker Mekkatorque at the battlefield to help in the final stage of the fight. When we arrived (me and my girlfriend on her druid) there weren’t many other characters there yet, all level 80 however so I’m guessing it zones out players of different level ranges. We sat around waiting for him to arrive, some players dueling, some sitting around my campfire and comparing non-combat pets and most dressed in there gnome infantry costumes you get from the quests beforehand.
After about 5-10min wait, High Tinker Mekkatorque eventually showed his face, only to have us wait another 5 minutes before the battle began. You get a buff which keeps mana and HP pretty much full the whole time and I’m sure you also get a damage buff as it certainly felt like it. Fighting waves and waves of high HP mobs made me wonder if a 79 would gain alot of XP from this or not. I can’t quite remember the level of the mobs though so Blizzard may have set it to make them too low to get any exp. The finale of the battle involves you and the whole army of players and NPCs being faced with a cut-scene with a bomb which starts at a 10minute countdown before jumping down to 10seconds. Fortunately gnomes and their knack for gadgets you get teleported out of the city to safety in Ironforge with a break between to see the explosion. By far the most awesome part of the chain 🙂 Your award with an achievement and statless Gnomeregan Drape.

I expected something a little more epic but too be fair this is only the beginning and I can only imagine the next steps in the assault on Gnomeregan will just get better and better.

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