Twilight Vanquisher

Haven’t been up to much on World of Warcraft lately, been having loads of issues with my motherboard accepting my new RAM. Managed to get it working tonight however it won’t remain stable so had to revert back to my old RAM for now til I’ve got time to mess around.
Managed enough time to complete my Argent Tournament dailies though aswell as farm a few HCs for emblems and honor before my guild pulled me into an OB25 3D. Was ezymode with the amount of gear we all had, in and out, job done in minutes. Its looking like Tynee might get left behind, I think I may end up reverting back to my TBC idea in Cata. Gearing up Wizzam for PvE and if end-game cata is anything like WotLK then just farm emblems and honor for Tynee’s PvP gear for the rated Battlegrounds.
If I manage to get my RAM sorted sooner rather than later then I’ll be looking to get my hands on some recording and editing software to fill my new YouTube channel :).

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