Ding 60! 60! 60!

It’s been pretty quiet for me in World of Warcraft recently. With limited time I haven’t been able to take part in any raids, and I’ve got the best gear outside ICC after the Justice Point conversion so farming heriocs doesn’t get me anything but gems. However I eventually managed to get round to leveling a little bit on my Paladin. Well I say levelling, what I’ve really been doing is running 2 clients logged into 2 accounts both with RaF one on follow looting mobs as my girlfriend runs us countless times through Scholomance. I can safely say I am now sick of that place. After being ran through 58-60 on my DK and then again 45-60 on my Paladin, I don’t think I want to go back there for a loooong time. As a plus I did managed to farm stacks of runecloth higher than the eye can see, but that all went to my girlfriend to flog as payment for enduring the runs. We never saw the mount drop from Baron Rivendare which was a shame but at least its over for now.

After hitting 60 on both characters we hearthed back over to Ironforge where a couple of people were waiting for their rewards. Namely my priest Adlanna, my warlock Elipsis and druid Elryn who got the scraps. With them all boosted up with rewarded levels, my total character collection now consists of: 80 Mage, 80 Rogue, 61 Warrior, 60 Deathknight, 60 Paladin, 60 Priest, 60 Warlock and a 9 Druid. The druid will probably end up getting deleted and re-rolled in Cataclysm, but for now she can sit their as a name holder.

Now I’ve managed to get my characters up I have a plethora of work to do with all the extra options. Tynee has been shelved til I get round to level 85 PvP and Wizzam is just waiting on time to raid / level to 85. Now I have my priest up I’ll get to work on leveling her Tailoring to provide some cheaper bags for my characters, may not level her til after Cataclysm though. Rommli, my paladin is going to become my farmer. With the extra mount speed I’ll get to work on leveling his mining and herblism before taking him through Outland. I want to get him leveled up as much as possible before Cataclysm as he’s the only non-squishy character I’ve rolled and want him strong enough to help out friends for all the help they’ve given me over the years. Unfortunately that means a majority of this blog will now be filled with his progress, which isn’t very squishy, but 1 out of 5 main characters, its still a squishy based blog 😛

Blizzcon knocking on the door

Only mere hours til Blizzcon kicks off! With Cataclysm’s date already released what other big news do they have in store for us this Friday? Schedules are already up for the the entire event to give you a slight idea on what there covering, however it doesn’t include exactly what is being covered in those segments 😉 that is probably a secret to everyone outside Blizzard. Rumours are that there will be some big news, which is kind of backed slightly by the fact the Cata date was released early, maybe they didn’t bother holding on because it would of been shadowed?
I myself would of loved to attend the event and may possibly make a push to make it their next year. I’m not massively into Blizzard as a whole as I’m only really interested in WoW, however I did really enjoy Diablo 2 and will most likely be getting Diablo 3. Even still, Blizzcon in my eyes is as almost as big as E3 as an convention. Due to the exclusivity and price of entry to E3, Blizzcon is probably the biggest convention I’ll ever get to attend so would love to experience it someday.
I’ve been to a couple of conventions before, including GameStars Live and Multiplay’s iSeries. Its the feeling of being there, getting hands-on previews of everything that makes it special. Because of that I won’t be bothering with the Blizzcon Virtual ticket as I’m happy finding out news via the hundreds of gaming sites and podcasts that will be covering it as well, but would love to be there in the future.

Bringing home the Epics

Patchwork HorrorOver the weekend I eventually took it upon myself to get back into the new patch, I dabbled a bit on the Wednesday night, but didn’t feel like I had enough time to get right into it so I left it aside for a bit. Come Sunday I updated all my addons I could and decided to roll into fire.
Back in TBC I was specced fire for end-game but come WotLK I dabbled in some Arcane. Arcane was powerful, and I loved cleaning hordes that tried to get jumps on me while I worked on my dailies however it was a really boring spec for raiding. Now I’ve tried fire again with the new additions of hot streak, living bomb and impact, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve only done heroics so far but can’t wait to jump back into some raiding.
Farming heriocs I managed to replace my cape and belt taking my GS up to 5.8k, leaving only a buyable trinket left to save up my JP for. It won’t take long, probably only a night before I’m fully geared. Not sure what I’ll do after that, will probably need to convince my girlfriend to let me do ICC again on Friday. Going to have to make a push to get my Paladin up so I can start leveling my priest before Cataclysm, need to stock up on bags from her tailoring.

No longer 310% Mounts

So congratulations to a big chunk of my guild that managed to get their 310% mounts from Uldaar earlier this week. I’m a little gutted as I only managed to back end of the raid to pick up 3 achievements. I thought there would still be time to get my hands on it to save me some money but that has changed.

With 4.0.1 the mounts are all still achievable but the speeds will no longer be 310%, they will be the highest speed you have currently learnt. From this patch onward the only way to obtain 310% is with Master Riding. I may still make a push for the mount, as it is an amazing looking mount, but without the bonus of 310% I’m not so sure I’ll be willing to put in the effort.


There are no 310% mounts anymore. 310% speed is now obtained via Master riding, a new flying skill. All flying mounts are now only distinguished by aesthetics.

Did Yogg-Saron order a knuckle sandwich?

Yogg-SaronQuiet times on my World of Warcraft account recently. Without the push to need to log on for my Argent dailies then I don’t feel like logging on for either my daily HC or JC and Cooking quests either. At the minute the only reason I log on are raids and every morning to scan the AH for price updates.
However this weekend I managed to get a start on Glory of the Ulduar Raider to get my first 310% mount which is by far the best looking drake in the game! Last week I joined in with my guild on the end of a Uldaar HM run. I managed to part-take in taking down General Vezax but after countless wipes on Yogg we called it a night. Going back in last night we went straight for Yogg, I think it was an extended lockout but either way 5 wipes in we eventually nailed it with an amazing try. All though we lost a chunk of players early into phase 3 we managed to down him pretty fast. Moving over to Razorscale in 2 tries we grabbed Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare whilst I boxed my way up to 400 unarmed.
So a couple of achievements this week, most of the run grabbing their last few achievements for their mounts and the others beginning the trek. I think after the Wed/Thur ICC run there will be another Uldaar run organised for the ones that missed out / original’s alts to grab the rest of the achievements and all get their hands on the sexy Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake.

Sad times…

Sad-FaceAfter grabbing my Crusader title yesterday my dailies no longer have much of a drive. I can do them for the seals in order to grab a couple of pets, mounts or tabards but that’s not enough push for me to carry on doing these dailies. The gold was great, I shot from 3k up to 8k while still gemming and enchanting numerous pieces of gear I get from ICC every week but now I don’t have much of a push to do them I feel… bored.

The main thing I logged in for every day was my dailies. I’ll still log in for my 2 frosts from a random HC each day, but with no world events and already having the Hallows End achievements its going to be a dry last two month for Wizzam. The only thing I have to do are raids but with most of them being planned or most not having time for when I log in every evening I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.

Going to have a gander over my achievements tonight to see if there is anything worth getting up to. Tynee is shelved as I don’t want to waste time PvP’ing with him since battlegrounds is as far as I’ll get before Cata with the closure of the Arena season. I would like to level up my priest but I’m waiting til I get 60 on my paladin to award her to 60 first so she is kind of capped. Fingers crossed I get her sorted really soon as I don’t want to drift off WoW this close to Cataclysm! Happened back in lead up to WotLK 🙁

Crusader Wizzam!

After grinding my butt through the Exodar and Darnassus starting zones last night I picked up the last chunk of rep needed to get exalted with every Alliance major city. That tied in with finishing up my last 5 seals for Exodar, I now own the Crusader title on Wizzam aswell as Tynee. Fortunately I knew about the pony before I wasted my seals so headed straight over to grab a mount for my squire.

On another note, Cataclysm’s official release date has been confirmed for the 7th December 2010 as predicted. Now I’ve got just over 2 month to decide whether to cancel my collectors or standard version of the game. Unsure whether to book in some holidays or not as well 😛

Weekend Update

Blood Queen ThumbAnother weekend over, another bunch of travels to blog about. Guess we’ll start with an update on my ICC25 trip, it may be the last one for a while as I’ve got plans both Fridays coming up so going to have to try and get in a mid-week run, however maybe it will give me time for my throat to get better after the excitement.
As usual, new run = new item, this time it was Rigormortis, rolling a 4 fortuntely I was the only there that wanted it however this wasn’t the reason for my sore throat. We did the usual 9 bosses with no hitches at all, think there may have only been the princes we didn’t 1 shot. Up the the Blood Queen, the barrier of the friday night fun run. Getting close a few times my hopes were low after countless trips here and even more wipes to her hand. Forth try we nailed it, I was suprised and elated, trying not to scream due to the late hour I keep it all in my throat which wasn’t such a good idea after the excitement died down. I’ve only ran ICC about 5 times, and we’ve flew through the bosses with ease so its never felt like an achievement downing certain bosses, however when one thats gave you great trouble again and again finally dies it brings back progress feelings from TBC.

Other than ICC I haven’t managed to get up to much other than completing the starting zone quests around the Exodar to clean up exhaulted reps with all the major cities. Not far to go I should have Exodar tonight and Darnassus later this week. Gnomeregan should fall in with that, if not ill top it up with writs from my dailies. Breaks being cut shortish as I spent more time this break catching up on the Cata news over the weekend and less time drafting my blog.

Paper Cutter anyone?

Paper Cutter I got Halls of Lightning yesterday for my daily HC and the Librarian’s Paper Cutter dropped. Its not a massively rare BoE, but it did take me a good few runs to get lucky on my rogue when I was gearing up. Well its always nice to win a BoE as you’ll get a bit more profit on the Auction House. Well I was fortunate to win the roll before moving down the corridor towards the ‘burst to life’ statues. It wasn’t far before another dropped, I chuckled to myself thinking ‘hurr hurr, I wonder if I win this one also’. Well lightning struck twice and bam, winning roll, another Paper Cutter in my pack. Makes me curse the fact at how long I had spent on my rogue for this only to get two within 30 seconds.

Anyway, in other news, Cataclysm looks due for release on the 7th December. It hasn’t been announced officially but evidence had lead to prove it will be.

+ARENA_MASTER_NO_SEASON_TEXT = “Arena battles and Rated Battlegrounds are only available during an active player versus player combat season. Season nine will begin on December 14th, so be prepared at that time to take your shot at glory!”;

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)
The next Arena Season will begin for level-85 players approximately one week after the official launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

On top of that, people who noticed a possibly sneaky reference a couple of months back are getting their ‘I told you so’ ready. In the Operation: Gnomeregan Imminent event news, the end of the first paragraph has the line; the chance of any cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future is “less than 12.7%. 12/07 or 07/12 to us European’s reading as the 7th of December. Now its all coming together :). Remember though, although this means another 2 months til the expansion, patches 4.0 etc will be released before the expansion giving you the new world and talents etc before your able to unlock the 80-85 zones, new races and level cap with the cd-key.