DING! 85

Yeyyy I hit 85 last night. Just over a week since I started on Cataclysm, playing a little more than casual, completed on the coast of Uldum.

Wizzam 85

Wizzam 85

Didn’t get much chance to gear up afterwards due to my average iLvl being 319, 9 under the requirement for Heroics. I think next time I’m online I’ll make a start on Tol Barad dailies for the stone drake as well as finishing up the quests in Uldum and then make a start on Twighlight for hopefully better gear, all while sitting in random dungeon queues 😛 Got it all planned, just need the time 🙁 Well with Christmas almost upon us I’ve got just over a week off work so shouldn’t be a problem.

I can taste it!

My last post predicted I would hit 85 before the week was up, well unfortunately I didn’t quite make it but I am very close. Its probably down to the fact I’m getting the loremaster achievements for every zone before I leave so I only just finished Deepholm in the last hour of so of my Saturday free-time then took a trip over to Uldum instead of Twighlight Highlands.

XP left til 85

XP left til 85

I’m currently on level 84 and 6098358/9165100 XP, with 50/108 quests for Unearthing Uldum. With no CSS matches planned for tonight I am sure I’ll hit that before bed with plenty of time to run some dungeons to gear up.

I’m kind of sad that I’m almost at 85 now I won’t have that objective to aim for anymore. However I know its just the start and I’ve got plenty of dungeons to complete, gear to obtain and will also be going for Loremaster of Cataclysm while I’m sitting in queues.


What can I say… Cataclym is cataclysmically awesome. I’ve loved every bit I’ve experienced so far (however all I’ve ever done is quest through zones).

My copy didn’t come on the Saturday like I had hoped, instead I went down and picked up another but didn’t manage to find the time to play til Sunday evening, and even then I was disrupted by 2 Counterstrike Source matches. Since then though pretty much every minute I’ve had available on my PC at home has been spent on WoW and I’m looking to be on track to hit 85 by the end of the week.

At 83 and 16 bars there isn’t far to go, with the whole of Saturday to myself I should manage the last stretch no problem. I’m currently questing in Deepholm which isn’t too difficult at 83. I’ve got the 2 loremaster quests from Mount Hyjal and Vashj’ir which I thoroughly enjoyed doing and would happily do it again on a second character. The new quests are so much more interesting and I’m loving the new zones and environments, especially Vashj’ir and the entry into the zone.

I’ve yet to find anything I don’t like about the new expansion, the zones, quests, items, everywhere flying is all just good stuff. I haven’t started trying to level my professions or managed any dungeons since you need to find the entrances first but I haven’t heard anything bad about anything yet (except unfortunately my girlfriend keeps getting disconnected every 5 minutes).

Reason for lack of updates

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long while, which is mainly due to the Cataclysm launch. Leading up to launch I didn’t have much to do in WoW and just ended up spending most of my time on Counterstrike Source and Battlefield Bad Company. Unfortunately on top of that I still haven’t received my copy from GAME. They mailed me last week to tell me it had been dispatched on the 2nd December, however I’m still waiting. I’m confused to how it isn’t hear yet and I’ve ordered 2 things through the Royal Mail on Monday and Tuesday which both arrived Wednesday and Thursday, yet my game is still in transit.

If it isn’t here by tomorrow morning I’ll be taking a trip down the high street to pick myself up a copy at a slightly higher price then return my copy from GAME to my local store… if it ever gets here.

In the mean time its just the waiting game. Don’t want to log in without being Cataclysm enabled as there won’t be any more to do than before the patch but look out for some continious updates once I get going again (and possibly move web servers, my current is free and takes too long to load during peak hours which is when I tend to have time to post).