I can taste it!

My last post predicted I would hit 85 before the week was up, well unfortunately I didn’t quite make it but I am very close. Its probably down to the fact I’m getting the loremaster achievements for every zone before I leave so I only just finished Deepholm in the last hour of so of my Saturday free-time then took a trip over to Uldum instead of Twighlight Highlands.

XP left til 85

XP left til 85

I’m currently on level 84 and 6098358/9165100 XP, with 50/108 quests for Unearthing Uldum. With no CSS matches planned for tonight I am sure I’ll hit that before bed with plenty of time to run some dungeons to gear up.

I’m kind of sad that I’m almost at 85 now I won’t have that objective to aim for anymore. However I know its just the start and I’ve got plenty of dungeons to complete, gear to obtain and will also be going for Loremaster of Cataclysm while I’m sitting in queues.

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