Yey new book smell!

My Warcraft books came this morning from Amazon, not bad for super saver delivery from a late Tuesday night.

Warcraft Books

My Warcraft Books

The books include ‘The Shattering’ (what happened in the lead up to Cataclysm), ‘Arthus’ (the story behind how he came to be), ‘Rise of the Horde’ (self explanatory really) and Lord of the Clans (Thralls back-story). They are all the Warcraft books I could find by Christie Golden that interested me, I’ve heard nothing but good things about her writing after her big hit with ‘The Shattering’.

I wouldn’t class myself as a big lore buff, but I am interested in the lore behind World of Warcraft, enough to have read the lore on the website…twice. I just like getting a little more depth from the game. Its great to walk into somewhere and get that extra feeling of understanding. Hard to explain but erm… like when I run Old Hillsbrad Foothills and at the end you stumble across Tabatha. *SPOILER* When I read the lore I learnt about Thralls past love and how after escaping from Durnholde Keep Tabatha’s head was chopped off and thrown as his feet when he returned etc etc.*SPOILER* Like Turpser mentions on TheInstance, its nice when you come across characters or items and be like oh thats him/her/that thing from that time when that thing happened! (even though other players are like, mate it just looks like that other one over there =).

Another one bites the dust

I got in from work yesterday to find that the girlfriend, that had laughed at me for playing such a poor looking game, had now bought it herself and wanted to help me build my structures. Once I had her added to the whitelist we began on my mine.

Even though I had dug down to bedrock and beyond I had only came across 4 coal sections, 1 gold, 1 diamond about about 2 iron.  Within minutes she had already stuck a cavern filled with goodies and we set on it, even coming across my first lava sources and Obsidian. Not sure whether to call her a lucky charm or just to admit that she is better at mining than me :(.

Needless to say I am now more hooked since I have someone else to explore and build with, I haven’t seen Ben online since Day 1! Five hours later we decided to call it a night after I had worked on my front path, bridge, back patio and cellar. Pictures or video to come soon!

Healing is addicitive!

Recently I’ve started playing WoW alot again, I’ve never really shy’d away from it just haven’t played it enough to generate content for my blog. My mage has been shelved since I missed the first raiding boat after spending more time playing CSS competitively which is still my first choice in killing free time. However a couple of Saturdays ago my mate came round to keep me company 😉 and we both decided to dust off some old level 60s to dungeon queue together.

He tanked with his Night Elf Warrior while I began to get excited about healing, unfortunately the drive didn’t last long as healing can get verrrrry empty in lower dungeons. Never-less, after the night was up I still had a yearn to go back on. For a few hours each night I found myself running a dungeon or so for my little fix. Before I knew it I had hit 70 leaving my friend behind at 65. Things really began to start getting exciting with the need for constant attention if I wished to keep my group alive.

Other than my healer getting me re-addictive my girlfriend managed to convince me to start a goblin. We spent the best part of one afternoon levelling them up and out of the starting zone but there must be some sort of barrier with me and the horde as its another character to add to under level 15 and never played again pile.

Bit the bullet

On Tuesday night I had ran a dungeon or two on my priest, played a couple of matches on Counter strike Source and then I found myself sitting infront of my steam library wondering what to do next. A couple of the lads in the CSS matches mentioned about popping on Minecraft so I decided to have a gander on the Minecraft site.

I’ve seen loads of Minecraft related news and talk over the last few months but never really bothered getting interested. The YouTube video on their home page was enough to sway my and within minutes I had signed up to a premium account.

One of my friends who used to play it back in November eased me into it, teaching me the ropes while getting the feel for it again himself.

Within minutes we had built our, while my, first home… out of dirt. I was still grasping the basics and could only find dirt or sand in my reach. Ben, my buddy began mining his way down to valuables. Before long he came across a lava pool so I ventured down to see it in all its glory. Being a bit fumbly still, I accidently knocked him in before slipping in myself. We decided to call it a night as it was a long way back from spawn and the other half was telling me to get to bed.

Blizzard Store Mount – Winged Lion

Blizzard have just released an image of the next purchasable mount going to be made available on through their online store.

Winged Lion

Winged Lion Mount

Myself, I’m not too found of it and not that big on buying digital items. However I have recently let down my guard and picked up a Lil’ Ragnaros as I was worried with the recent changes to him for Cataclysm raiding he might not be available forever. For those of you that don’t know though, he also acts as a cooking fire! So if you were to at least buy one pet I would recommend this one 😉