Adlanna 85

Adlanna 85

Adlanna dings 85

Last night I managed to hit 85 with Adlanna after a fairly easy stroll. After I got Wizzam kitted up in 346 gear for raiding I soon began dabbling on my 60 priest. It wasn’t long before I grew quite attached and wanted to play her more and more becoming quite fond of a healing role. Soon after I had reached Cataclysm content and within 2-3 weeks I now have her level capped. Now I just need to round up a few more to try and re-maintain a trend that was beginning to form.

When I first started playing WoW my first level capped character was Wizzam (or Poncho before my first realm change) at level 60. After capping him again at 70 when TBC was released I began on my rogue Tynee who hit 70 only weeks before WotLK was released. So 1 capped in Vanilla, 2 capped in TBC I had hoped for 3 capped in WotLK but the trend stopped there. I only managed to get Wizzam capped a couple of month before Cata and at this moment Tynee has been shelved since I began that cap.

If the mountain didn’t appear to be so steep I would love to drive myself to get Tynee capped at 85 with Wizzam and Adlanna as well as maybe bring Deewon my DK up to 85 along with either my Warlock, Warrior, Paladin or curveball Druid to get 4 capped for this 3rd expansion.

1.5 and LAN fun

If you didn’t know already version Minecraft got patch 1.5 yesterday which included:

* Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
* Statistics
* Achievements
* Detector rail
* Booster rail
* Performance improvements

Due to the Bukkit currently working on a new update system they are behind on releasing an update for their server software so most servers running Bukkit were (and may still be) inaccessible. Because of this Me and my girlfriend looked at getting a server setup via LAN. Its a pretty simple process if your on Windows.

First you start by downloading the Minecraft_Server.exe from I would advise you to put this in its own folder before running it as once you open it then files relating to the server such as server properties, whitelist etc are generated in the same place as the exe. Once its installed then you run the server software which provides you with a simple GUI showing the server log and has a command box for typing in server commands. To connect to the server on your PC use, for other PCs on your network to connect you will need to find out your local IP address, a guide to do so can be found here. Once you are both on the server you can use the server GUI to set players as OPs, once you are an OP you will be able to do the server commands through your MineCraft client and can leave the server GUI minimized (dont close or it will shut down the server).

I was a little hesitant about getting our own server setup as I wouldn’t have any restrictions on being able to take shortcuts (spawning diamond tools, certain blocks, items etc) I took the plunge however and had a 5 hour stint building things only my imagination limited. Plus I was able to play with some of the new track pieces brought in 1.5 when I took steps to make my first redstone circuits and minecart system.

SYNT hold me close

Last night I took part in my first official for a clan I’ve been recently trialing for over the last couple of weeks. I’ve really enjoyed the community they are part of as well as my team mates and certainly felt welcome. The only thing remaining was to get the final word on whether I was in or not which I found out last night just as our game against TBraga was about to kick off.

The game itself was quite a uphill struggle, been a while since we’ve competed against a tough team but non the less I hope to be part of SYNT as they progress through all the KGL events ahead picking up some wins.

Adlanna hits 80!

Level 80 Icon Last night I managed to polish off the last of my Northrend dungeons and finish a few quests in K3 to ding the al infamous level 80. It was getting late and I had been playing my priest quite a bit recently so I didn’t get far into level 80 however I did manage to complete a couple of Mount Hyjal quests to begin upping my stamina and replacing my now pretty useless heirloom gear.

I’ll probably take a little bit of a brake from her for now to allow myself to get a chunk of rested exp in order to make the 80-85 walk more of a jog.

Rift now part of the trend

I’ve had plenty of WoW emails, infact about 5-7 a day across my email accounts, only one of which is actually signed up with my WoW account. Of course I know a phishing scam when I see it but what now makes me chuckle is that the Rift account emails are now starting to seep into my junk box. I can understand with it growing ever popular but its pretty obvious I’ve came across a phishing email when I’m yet to even get myself signed up to Rift yet 😛

Maelstrom Crystals for Justice Points!

Its about time but come patch 4.1 Maelstrom Crystals will be available to buy from your justice point vendors as well as honor point vendors.
Now you can eventually get those recipes that you were unable to get your hands on if you didn’t have time to raid or were too poor to pay the extortionate AH prices.

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