m_rawinput 1 RAGE

So recently I came across this command and was kicking myself for not already having it enabled.

For those of you that don’t know what it does it basically bypasses your windows mouse settings so you only need to keep your ingame settings. This is perfect for players who keep configs and play on computers other than their own regulary.

I decided to give it a go just so it was setup correctly now instead of possibly having to get used to it in the future 😉
The problem however wasn’t so much with me getting the correct sensitivity setup, more so the fact I’ve been used to having Windows 7 mouse acceleration enabled for the last 11 months. This meant that I was now torn with my new sensitivity. I needed something high enough to turn to the same direction I used to be able to quickly swipe to but something low enough where my aim sensitivity was the same so I could actually aim.

I still haven’t settled with a correct sensitivity which is really bugging me! I had thought it would just be a simple tweak, little did I know I was an accelerate noob! There is always the option to go back to before. That would solve my current dilemma however I’m pretty sure having accelerate on hinders my improvement. I guess I will just have to get used to this and relearn my aim over countless sessions on deathmatch, aim and muscle memory maps. FUN TIMES!

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