League of legends spark

Over the last couple of days I’ve started to play less WoW and more LoL. Mainly due to the annoyance of not being able to do arena without conquest gear and not being able to get much conquest gear due to lengthy battleground grinding. It has become quite a grind which is what put me off PvE.

Anyway back to the subject in hand. I recently got myself a second screen which iv started to utilise by streaming my gaming. It began with some fifa 13 then some WoW but has found its calling in LoL. Ive become quite absorbed playing this again and after a night of watching streams and YT vids I want to start going keen. The goal is to compete in a LoL team at the next iseries.  CSGO isnt too popular in our crowd at the moment so that wont be happening this time round, shame after all the previous CSS teams iv competed in.

After some consideration AD Carry is the role ill take on. I tend to only play Brand and Ashe at the moment. It depends if im allowed mid, which doesnt happen often. Ashe is a bit old school so going to branch out and pick up Ez and possibly Caitlin. Cant wait to get back online tomorrow to get started with them, hopefully will make this blog more active with my progress. Anyway, bed time.

m_rawinput 1 RAGE

So recently I came across this command and was kicking myself for not already having it enabled.

For those of you that don’t know what it does it basically bypasses your windows mouse settings so you only need to keep your ingame settings. This is perfect for players who keep configs and play on computers other than their own regulary.

I decided to give it a go just so it was setup correctly now instead of possibly having to get used to it in the future 😉
The problem however wasn’t so much with me getting the correct sensitivity setup, more so the fact I’ve been used to having Windows 7 mouse acceleration enabled for the last 11 months. This meant that I was now torn with my new sensitivity. I needed something high enough to turn to the same direction I used to be able to quickly swipe to but something low enough where my aim sensitivity was the same so I could actually aim.

I still haven’t settled with a correct sensitivity which is really bugging me! I had thought it would just be a simple tweak, little did I know I was an accelerate noob! There is always the option to go back to before. That would solve my current dilemma however I’m pretty sure having accelerate on hinders my improvement. I guess I will just have to get used to this and relearn my aim over countless sessions on deathmatch, aim and muscle memory maps. FUN TIMES!

Frozen Synapse

Just picked myself up this game after looking at a few trailers and videos.

Yet to play it though as only just convinced the other half to split costs with me. At the moment you can pick it up for just over £15 and get two copies, so that is about £8 each. Its basically just a turn based strategy game similar to Rainbow 6’s early days. You set waypoints and actions for your team and then let your opponent take their turn. There is a single player campaign as well as online multiplayer.


Other than the trailers and description featured on the actual store page a great place to get a preview of the game is TotalBiscuit’s video here:

Looking forward to a session on this tonight.

Football Stadium incoming…

About 2 nights ago on a world I share with the other half I had finished messing around with a rollercoaster attempt and decided to build something decent. A few ideas floated around but the one that I was interested in the most was taking on a build of a football stadium. It took about an hour to clear the land and then a good chunk of time calculating the size etc. Now the pitch is finished I’m beginning work on the stands.

I’ve took a few photos throughout the build just to show a progress, just hope they are decent quality as I only used the ingame Minecraft screenshot system. Once its finished I’ll get the photos up and possibly a video 😀

Blizzard treating me well

WellI’ve had my fair share of countless dungeon runs for specific drops and sometimes never ever getting what I run for, for example a decent wand upgrade for my Mage. However the other night Blizzard treat me well with not only the best night for item drops but one of the best Herioc runs I’ve ever done.

To kick start the love I ran Lost City of the Tol’vir specifically. When after particular items I prefer to run the dungeons I need then go random in hope to get them again if I didn’t get the item the first time. One of my rings was only 333 while the other was a rep vendor ring at 346, both still upgradeable. I came here to get my self the Veneficial Band but was happy when the Spirit Creeper Ring dropped from the first boss. Both decent upgrades, both dropping in the same run, and both going to ME!

On a high I then moved onto Halls of Origination where I had done a couple of runs in hope for Blood of Isiset as my one of my trinkets was still a green from quests and the other a decent 346 but DPS orientated. Whilst here though I was blessed not only a 200k+ tank who had took down all the current raid bosses and needed minimal healing but also a DPS group full of casters that pumped out a crazy amount of DPS and needed no upgrades. I was happy to get myself the herioc version of my current Soul Releaser as well as the Solar Wind Cloak both items I had forgot to put on my wish list. Needless to say after the times I’ve felt hard done by, this night of sheer love made it all worth it!

Imba Healing

SiamatLast night the group I ended up running Lost City of the Tol’vir with had the most unfortunate luck with tanks. We wiped on the first group of mobs due to the tank having connection issues, and only just scraped through the second group before we decided to give him no more chances. Our next tank left after the first boss, third tank lost connection on the run up to mobs to the third boss and the forth tank left just as we were about to start Siamat as he didn’t get the drop he wanted from the boss before.

During all this we were quite fortunate the DK had a tanking off-spec which was enough for trash but without the gear we didn’t want to risk trying a boss.

After the lengthy run we thought we may aswell give Siamat a go otherwise we would just be standing around waiting. The fight began pretty smoothly however with the tank taking more damage than usual and with 1 less dps the adds spawning were beginning to take their tole on the rest of the group which stretched my healing and drained my mana pretty fast. Before phase 2 I had already become oom so with the druid’s innvervate on CD I wipped out my shadowfiend. This managed to squeeze me though to phase 2 where innvervate made its appearance. A few AoE heals and the group was topped backed up in time to nerf the boss to oblivion. Needless to say I pulled in quite an applause from the group which made this experience one of my most favourite healing times to date.

Adlanna 85

Adlanna 85

Adlanna dings 85

Last night I managed to hit 85 with Adlanna after a fairly easy stroll. After I got Wizzam kitted up in 346 gear for raiding I soon began dabbling on my 60 priest. It wasn’t long before I grew quite attached and wanted to play her more and more becoming quite fond of a healing role. Soon after I had reached Cataclysm content and within 2-3 weeks I now have her level capped. Now I just need to round up a few more to try and re-maintain a trend that was beginning to form.

When I first started playing WoW my first level capped character was Wizzam (or Poncho before my first realm change) at level 60. After capping him again at 70 when TBC was released I began on my rogue Tynee who hit 70 only weeks before WotLK was released. So 1 capped in Vanilla, 2 capped in TBC I had hoped for 3 capped in WotLK but the trend stopped there. I only managed to get Wizzam capped a couple of month before Cata and at this moment Tynee has been shelved since I began that cap.

If the mountain didn’t appear to be so steep I would love to drive myself to get Tynee capped at 85 with Wizzam and Adlanna as well as maybe bring Deewon my DK up to 85 along with either my Warlock, Warrior, Paladin or curveball Druid to get 4 capped for this 3rd expansion.

1.5 and LAN fun

If you didn’t know already version Minecraft got patch 1.5 yesterday which included:

* Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
* Statistics
* Achievements
* Detector rail
* Booster rail
* Performance improvements

Due to the Bukkit currently working on a new update system they are behind on releasing an update for their server software so most servers running Bukkit were (and may still be) inaccessible. Because of this Me and my girlfriend looked at getting a server setup via LAN. Its a pretty simple process if your on Windows.

First you start by downloading the Minecraft_Server.exe from http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp. I would advise you to put this in its own folder before running it as once you open it then files relating to the server such as server properties, whitelist etc are generated in the same place as the exe. Once its installed then you run the server software which provides you with a simple GUI showing the server log and has a command box for typing in server commands. To connect to the server on your PC use, for other PCs on your network to connect you will need to find out your local IP address, a guide to do so can be found here. Once you are both on the server you can use the server GUI to set players as OPs, once you are an OP you will be able to do the server commands through your MineCraft client and can leave the server GUI minimized (dont close or it will shut down the server).

I was a little hesitant about getting our own server setup as I wouldn’t have any restrictions on being able to take shortcuts (spawning diamond tools, certain blocks, items etc) I took the plunge however and had a 5 hour stint building things only my imagination limited. Plus I was able to play with some of the new track pieces brought in 1.5 when I took steps to make my first redstone circuits and minecart system.

SYNT hold me close

Last night I took part in my first official for a clan I’ve been recently trialing for over the last couple of weeks. I’ve really enjoyed the community they are part of as well as my team mates and certainly felt welcome. The only thing remaining was to get the final word on whether I was in or not which I found out last night just as our game against TBraga was about to kick off.

The game itself was quite a uphill struggle, been a while since we’ve competed against a tough team but non the less I hope to be part of SYNT as they progress through all the KGL events ahead picking up some wins.

Adlanna hits 80!

Level 80 Icon Last night I managed to polish off the last of my Northrend dungeons and finish a few quests in K3 to ding the al infamous level 80. It was getting late and I had been playing my priest quite a bit recently so I didn’t get far into level 80 however I did manage to complete a couple of Mount Hyjal quests to begin upping my stamina and replacing my now pretty useless heirloom gear.

I’ll probably take a little bit of a brake from her for now to allow myself to get a chunk of rested exp in order to make the 80-85 walk more of a jog.