Weekend Update

I haven’t blogged much over the last few days but I’ve been busy busy on WoW. We’ll start with friday night, my guilds ICC25 alt run where they take undergeared characters such as my mage, Wizzam. Last week I was lucky enough to grab a heroic ring and necklace, this run I got my hands on a Vanquishers mark of Santification, which coupled with the 108 frost collection I reached after the run I was able to buy the Bloodmage Robe and instantly upgrade to Sanctified Bloodmage Robe before gemming and enchanting. I also managed to get my hands on Shoulders of Mercy Killing, so again not a bad week 🙂 a few steps closer to being strong enough to take down LK.

Also this weekend I got round to making a new alt. I went for a paladin and named him Rommli. We did a little leveling on the Friday before my raid and some more on the Sunday. Have only managed level 21 from a few quests and Deadmine runs, but in no hurry as I have til Cata to get him to 60 which shouldn’t take too long. As well as levelling him, I eventually gave my Deathknight another shot and got him from 56-60, slowly tidying all my characters up to at least 60.

Finally to round my weekend off I caught the start of Brewfest. I’m not really that bothered about getting all the world events on all my characters so Wizzam is going to taking this on. I’ve decided trying to raid with 2 characters isn’t really that viable so Tynee is going to get shelved from now til sometime in Cata. Wizzam will become my end-game character as he was in TBC where as Tynee will become my PvP character to spend most of his time in Battlegrounds and ganking PvE’ers waiting for dungeons.
Back to Brewfest, I was quite surprised that me and a couple of my friends managed to do all the achievements within about 30mins as most events take quite a while. The only one I have left is the dance in Dalaran and brew of the month/year which will only take a few days farming the tokens. I am hoping for the Kodo mount, and fingers crossed I get as lucky as this guy on the first day [image]. I already have the Halloween achievements on Wizzam so come October he’s going to get a little bored but I’ll be able to spend time on my other characters cleaning up their levels and professions in preparation for Cataclysm.

Another Alt…

Alliance BadgeWith Cataclysm on the Horizon I’ve decided to tidy up a few of my characters, namely my priest as I mainly made her to give me an experience at healing but after tying her up with tailoring she was/is going to be my bag vendor. However as much as Mind Control appeals to me I just haven’t been able to push myself to level her.

In the time leading up to Cata launch, instead of pushing myself to level up to 63 in order to break the 300 cap on my tailoring, I’ve decided to take an easier route and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m going to buy a new account for a friend so we can RAF (recruit a friend) at least one character each to 60. Then I’ll use 18 of those reward levels to get my priest up to 60 aswell as throw a few spares on other <60 characters such as my 55 warlock etc. But like the dilemma I had before with what to level my Worgen as I'm now stuck on what to level with this RAF. I need a Tank character, it goes against my squishy tendencies but there has been countless times my friends ask for some help on a quest or dungeon and none of my characters are strong enough to take them through. Deathknights have never really appealed to me, my first and only is still stuck on 56 since launch. Other than DK, I have 4 classes left to pick up; Shaman, Druid, Paladin and Hunter. My hunter is being left for my Worgen starting zone and I may try a Shaman if I can't push myself from 1-60 in the new Azeroth with my Hunter, so its down to a Paladin or Druid tank. Both can heal and mix it up to play multiple roles, both are known as great tanks although Druids edge ahead on the healing side if I ever did want to mix it up. But Paladins can do great AoE tanking which would help out massively in boosting friends through dungeons. I've got about a day to decide as my copy of WoW is in the post so no pressure!


Something at first that didn’t interest me has recently grabbed alot of my attention. The new secondary profession, Archaeology.
For those of you that don’t know anything about the new profession, it basically involves your character surveying 1 of 4 changing dig spots in a continent to find race-related fragments. You then use this fragment to start a project on uncovering the race’s artefact. Once pieced together could be anything from a common item sell-able to a museum up to epic weapons and armour you could use or pass to another character. You can then work on finding all the artefacts for that race in order to unlock more rewards such as mounts, pets, trinkets etc.

For a preview on Archaeology check out this video.

For more information, MMO-Champion have a news post jam packed here.

Pre-Cata Event: First Thoughts

So late last night I managed to get into the short Gnomeregan quest line. From the moment I begin I chuckled to myself about a couple of little things. If you are yet to try this event I suggest you stop reading now as I will ruin the surprises 🙂

Beginning with the Gnomes in Ironforge you have to coax them into signing up for the fight. It’s pretty standard until you have your 5 then it starts looking cool, even more so when all 5 mount up with you on there little mechostriders :D! Most of the other quests are pretty simple, not much too them except from learning to drive a battletank and an over abundance of Braveheart lines. No challenge but you can’t expect much since these are made available for every character at every level, nevertheless it was still fun to complete.
The final quest involves having to meet High Tinker Mekkatorque at the battlefield to help in the final stage of the fight. When we arrived (me and my girlfriend on her druid) there weren’t many other characters there yet, all level 80 however so I’m guessing it zones out players of different level ranges. We sat around waiting for him to arrive, some players dueling, some sitting around my campfire and comparing non-combat pets and most dressed in there gnome infantry costumes you get from the quests beforehand.
After about 5-10min wait, High Tinker Mekkatorque eventually showed his face, only to have us wait another 5 minutes before the battle began. You get a buff which keeps mana and HP pretty much full the whole time and I’m sure you also get a damage buff as it certainly felt like it. Fighting waves and waves of high HP mobs made me wonder if a 79 would gain alot of XP from this or not. I can’t quite remember the level of the mobs though so Blizzard may have set it to make them too low to get any exp. The finale of the battle involves you and the whole army of players and NPCs being faced with a cut-scene with a bomb which starts at a 10minute countdown before jumping down to 10seconds. Fortunately gnomes and their knack for gadgets you get teleported out of the city to safety in Ironforge with a break between to see the explosion. By far the most awesome part of the chain 🙂 Your award with an achievement and statless Gnomeregan Drape.

I expected something a little more epic but too be fair this is only the beginning and I can only imagine the next steps in the assault on Gnomeregan will just get better and better.

Cataclysm CE available in the UK online

So finally more and more UK stores have been offering pre-orders on the Collectors Edition for Cataclysm. So far I’ve noticed both ShopTo and Amazon.co.uk stocking the game with a £55 asking price.

I myself have now decided against the collectors edition. As much as I would love all the goodies I’m not willing to pay more than double the cost of the standard version for it. I would of paid about £40, maybe £45 at a push, but £55 is really asking too much in my opinion. Yeah the pet is probably worth a few pound on its own and you may end up with another couple of loot cards in the card pack, but £30 on top of the normal asking price doesn’t weigh up for me.

Which Worgen

As an alliance based player, Worgen is the upcoming race for me to roll when Cataclysm hits. I will most likely roll a goblin at some point just to try out their starting zone, however I hope to have an end-game Worgen sooner rather than later.

However I am stuck with a dilemma, which class to roll with my Worgen. When I first heard about the race I noticed they could be Mages and even though I had a Mage I thought I would just wait for the customisation to open and change him, but this would mean missing out on the starting zone so I need a new class.
Ideally I would love a Worgen Rogue, it seams the class they fit the best, except I want a class I haven’t already got so that rules out; Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Deathknight and Warlock, pretty much all the classes open for them. The classes I’m yet to roll, that I want to try, include; Shaman, Druid, Paladin and Hunter. Ruling out Shaman and Paladin as they aren’t available for Worgens I’m left with a Hunter or Druid. Ideally I really want a druid more than a hunter, but one the Worgen’s big features is the human/worgen transformation. With a druid already being able to transform (and being in its forms most of the time anyway) its a killjoy to even using a race that looks good. This leaves me with only one option, it looks like I’ll be rolling a Hunter in Cataclysm.

I don’t mind Hunters, being one of the easiest classes to level as well as a great dps output it should be fun to give a go. On the other hand I would rather have a more melee based class such as Warrior or Rogue, but that would mean getting one of my current characters swapped over. I don’t want to do with my tiny Rogue so chances are I’ll go with either swapping or deleting my 61 Warrior. I levelled him with RAF anyway so wasn’t too much trouble but its still a bit of a waste.
Ahhhhh decisions! Still got a couple of months to go so hopefully I’ll be able to decide on a class but it is a real shame most of the classes I would prefer my Worgen to be I already have :(.

Searching High and Low…

So since the news release on the Collectors Edition of Cataclysm I’ve been searching all over the internet to get a pre-order. I already have the standard edition on pre-order however I would love a mini Deathwing pet!

The only places I have managed to find taking orders online are GameStop and Amazon.com. But they are for US citizens, no where does UK pre-orders. I was also told it would only be available from stores not online however all my local game shops tell me they aren’t and don’t plan on doing a pre-order :S

Only options I have left are to hope for a midnight launch at a local store, wait a few days after release til I can get my hands on a copy or just settle with a standard edition on launch.