Wizzam ventures into ICC

Last night Wizzam took his first steps into ICC with 24 other players. I’ve only managed 1 ICC25 with Tynee as since then the usual raid leaders had a party to attend then I was off to i40 and then the lakes. I originally planned to do an ICC25 HC with Tynee however barely any of the 26 signed up came online during invite time so I jumped into a normal guild ICC25 with Wizzam and got really lucky. I missed out on a spell damage dagger early on however HC gunship dropped some loot I could do with. Can’t say I didn’t make the other casters cry when I rolled a 96 for Ring of Rapid Ascent then a 95 for the next item, Amulet of the Silent Eulogy. There was a Mage decked out in the Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia who was desperate for the ring but I’m glad it went to someone more important 😉

We went on to plough our way through the bosses and tried Rotface on Herioc but after 3 wipes gave up. We were dropping 3-4 players early on due to not moving as soon taps began and waiting for slime as well as big spray hits etc. Well we took him on normal then moved on to one hit Festergut, Professor Putricide and the Blood Prince Council before hitting a brick wall on Blood-Queen Lana’thel. People messing up on biting as usual as well as not moving with Swarm of Shadows or getting close enough for Pact of the Darkfallen. After about 5-6 wipes we called it a night at 12am. It was all going so well until then and I had hoped to better her since I had the same issue when I was here with Tynee a few weeks earlier, people failing on bites.

Icecrown CitadelAnyway, it was a great night and can’t wait til next Friday to possibly get my hands on some more gear. I’m only about 33 frosts from buying my first piece of Bloodmage Regalia, Bloodmage Robe.
Got to shoot off now to walk the dog before upgrading my PC RAM and moving over to Windows 7. Laters!


Epic Achievement

Only 1 day 6 hours played at 80 I’ve grabbed my Epic achievement. Got it much faster than on Tynee, however higher level gear is so much easier to get your hands on now with the ICC5s, better emblem gear and TotC raids. My final piece were the Khadgar’s Leggings of Triumph, which are now gemmed and enchanted and ready to go.

Only thing I’m really considering now is the chest piece but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get into a few ICC10 and 25 runs geared as I am. With more interest in Wizzam lately I’m a little worried I get Kingslayer on him before Tynee 😛

A lucky day

So after dinging 80 on Wizzam I got to work farming random dungeons to gear up on emblems, as I was fortunate to get straight into heriocs this wasn’t a problem however I was unsure on what to spend my emblems on so I didn’t was any picking up something that I might replace from a herioc boss 10mins down the line.

I popped over to http://wow-loot.com/, a website I used to help me out with preparation in endgame TBC. I made a list of items I could do with from heroic bosses and any items I could get from emblems that was better I bought as soon as I could afford. At first I was just doing randoms in hope that I could stumble across the dungeons I needed while also grabbing plenty of emblems in the mean time, but being undergreared for the ICC 5-mans I decided I would make a push to gear up and started choosing individual dungeons.

My first was the Occulus, I needed the Cuffs of Winged Levitation from the cache. I hit it lucky they dropped the first time and was the only person that needed. Next up was the Halls of Lightning, target boss Loken. I was the only clothy in the group but I had ran this dungeon a couple of times on Tynee recently aswell as Wizzam and never seen the Woven Bracae Leggings drop. It must have been my lucky day tho, as 2 dungeons in a row I had got the items I came for, as well as some upgraded blues I didn’t plan on. The luck was short lived, third dungeon up was Azol Nerub, home of Anub’arak. My checklist only had 1 item here, Sash of the Servant, which didn’t drop 🙁 but after a lucky day and falling short only 1 emblem of a new headpiece I left it there. Hope my next trip brings me the same luck.

Wizzam dings 80!

Last night I managed to ding 80 on my mage, so that is now two characters at 80 just in time for Cataclysm. However after having one character at 60 in vanilla and two at 70 in TBC, I had hoped for three at 80 in WotLK. I’ve got a couple around about 60ish but the next character I’ll be moving over to will probably be my priest, Adlanna, as I want to get some end-game healing experience. I’m not likely to get her up in time for Cataclysm and after that will be alot of time spent on getting Tynee and Wizzam raiding ready so she might not hit cap for a long time but hopefully I’ll get her high enough to max out her professions.


Anyway I was quite fortunate last night as only an hour after dinging and having learnt my new spec and rotation (not much sadly for mages) my guild were doing a ToTC10 run. Having no 80 gear it was ideal for me to get geared up a little. I managed to pick up Darkbane Pendant and Rod of Imprisoned Souls. This in turn boosted me up enough so that now apparently I’m geared enough for heriocs. So hopefully I may end up grabbing Kingslayer on Wizzam almost as soon as I do on Tynee 😀