Weekend Update

Blood Queen ThumbAnother weekend over, another bunch of travels to blog about. Guess we’ll start with an update on my ICC25 trip, it may be the last one for a while as I’ve got plans both Fridays coming up so going to have to try and get in a mid-week run, however maybe it will give me time for my throat to get better after the excitement.
As usual, new run = new item, this time it was Rigormortis, rolling a 4 fortuntely I was the only there that wanted it however this wasn’t the reason for my sore throat. We did the usual 9 bosses with no hitches at all, think there may have only been the princes we didn’t 1 shot. Up the the Blood Queen, the barrier of the friday night fun run. Getting close a few times my hopes were low after countless trips here and even more wipes to her hand. Forth try we nailed it, I was suprised and elated, trying not to scream due to the late hour I keep it all in my throat which wasn’t such a good idea after the excitement died down. I’ve only ran ICC about 5 times, and we’ve flew through the bosses with ease so its never felt like an achievement downing certain bosses, however when one thats gave you great trouble again and again finally dies it brings back progress feelings from TBC.

Other than ICC I haven’t managed to get up to much other than completing the starting zone quests around the Exodar to clean up exhaulted reps with all the major cities. Not far to go I should have Exodar tonight and Darnassus later this week. Gnomeregan should fall in with that, if not ill top it up with writs from my dailies. Breaks being cut shortish as I spent more time this break catching up on the Cata news over the weekend and less time drafting my blog.

Paper Cutter anyone?

Paper Cutter I got Halls of Lightning yesterday for my daily HC and the Librarian’s Paper Cutter dropped. Its not a massively rare BoE, but it did take me a good few runs to get lucky on my rogue when I was gearing up. Well its always nice to win a BoE as you’ll get a bit more profit on the Auction House. Well I was fortunate to win the roll before moving down the corridor towards the ‘burst to life’ statues. It wasn’t far before another dropped, I chuckled to myself thinking ‘hurr hurr, I wonder if I win this one also’. Well lightning struck twice and bam, winning roll, another Paper Cutter in my pack. Makes me curse the fact at how long I had spent on my rogue for this only to get two within 30 seconds.

Anyway, in other news, Cataclysm looks due for release on the 7th December. It hasn’t been announced officially but evidence had lead to prove it will be.

+ARENA_MASTER_NO_SEASON_TEXT = “Arena battles and Rated Battlegrounds are only available during an active player versus player combat season. Season nine will begin on December 14th, so be prepared at that time to take your shot at glory!”;

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)
The next Arena Season will begin for level-85 players approximately one week after the official launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

On top of that, people who noticed a possibly sneaky reference a couple of months back are getting their ‘I told you so’ ready. In the Operation: Gnomeregan Imminent event news, the end of the first paragraph has the line; the chance of any cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future is “less than 12.7%. 12/07 or 07/12 to us European’s reading as the 7th of December. Now its all coming together :). Remember though, although this means another 2 months til the expansion, patches 4.0 etc will be released before the expansion giving you the new world and talents etc before your able to unlock the 80-85 zones, new races and level cap with the cd-key.

Cursed HC Daily Run

Mr.UnluckyYesterday I think I had a cursed daily run that resulted in me just giving up and missing out on my two frost emblems.
It all began with a trip into Pit of Saron with a fellow guildy healing and the rest of the party filled with randoms. The run went really smooth, no deaths and managed to sneak past all the waves you can skip after Ick without any issues. I know this doesn’t sound cursed so far, but it gets better. We hit Scourgelord Tyrannus and thats where it began. The bug with him is famous yet some people still manage to whip out their DPS e-peen too fast. The DK dps started the fight and caused the bug. The boss was just standing their while Rimefang dropped his icey splodges. We waited… moved to the tunnel and waited some more… no change so wiped and healer used SS to pop back up and resurrect the party. However although Tyrannus was back on Rimefang he was still dropping his splodges. Unable to tele out and in due to ‘being in combat’ (even though we could mount) we went to the start of the tunnel and the ceiling reset to start falling again. Back to Tyrannus but still bugged we gave up and ported to another dungeon.

This time Drak’Tharon Keep, but just another host to our cursed party. Hitting the first boss we had just cleared the trash but the Tank and Healer were lagged looting the mobs, they could still chat but couldn’t move. We didn’t notice this til after the DK dps began fighting the boss so in an attempt to down him as fast as possible Wizzam, a warlock and the DK nuked him down to about 120k health before he cleaned us all out and began bashing the healer and tank. Being lagged they weren’t taking any damage, well at least for about 20 seconds before dropping to the floor. Me and my guildy called it a day and I went back to polishing off my dailies and topping up my cooking to 400 to start gathering tokens.

Not the best day and I’m still 10 frosts behind my pants which I hope to get before ICC25 this Friday, not sure whether to make a big push this Thursday for them or just to wait til after the raid in case I get a 264 replacement as a drop.

Business to Boom

PortalWith the changes in Cataclysm involving the removal of portal hubs in order to get people to spend more time in their factions capital cities its looking great for Mages. Its not like we’ve been completely out of business but since the introduction to portal hubs the business has definitely took a dive.
I’m not going to be going out of my way to make sure I get portals on the go and get a sole income, but it will be nice to grab a nice packet of 10-20g more often than before. Should be more likely to happen now I won’t be hanging out in Dalaran and be over in Stormwind or something.

Not much happening…or is there?

Sorry for the drought recently on my blog, rolling up to Cata I’m getting the stage many people have been for the past few months, running out of things to do. I managed to dabble a little on my Paladin and finish getting him boosted up to 36 in hopes to award 18 levels to my priest in order for her to hit 60 and finish off tailoring however I forgot you need to be a higher level to grant 😛 so that pooped a bit on my plans. Going to head over to Zul’Farrak next for 36-45, one of my friends needs a recipe or 2 from there so is going to get us a few runs done.
Meanwhile Tynee has been left completely alone, only getting attention when I fancy grabbing something from the Engi auction house. Wizzam grabbed Brewmaster and had his weekly 25 ICC where he managed to get another token that will mean 10.25 pants in 10 frosts time and lastly Adlanna is still waiting for her boost to 60 before I make a push for end-game. So nothing much happening for me in WoW at the minute, however on the horizon there is plenty of Cataclysm news:

  • Level 85 Herioc and Raiding gear requirements have been released. Its looking like 2200/1600 Justice Points for Herioc chests and hands, 2200/1600 valor points for raiding gear with capes and trinkets etc being around 1200 points.
  • Blizzard are making a move towards removing portal hubs. In the beta both Shattrath and Dalaran portals have been removed and replaced with class trainers. Unsure about what they are planning with this, maybe just want mage portals to be used more often again as they seam to be quite useless unless a player has their HS on CD.
  • Rumours Cataclysm will be delayed. The target date was rumoured to be November 5th, which judging by the way things were going with in-game events and developments in the Beta it was looking really likely. However recent news is that Blizzard are postponing to a early December release. The Cataclysm by itself will more than likely happen earlier and will let you play in the “new” azeroth for a couple of days/weeks before you can buy the expansion and access the level 85 content.

Brewfest Dailies

Brewfest Ram RouteYesterday I headed back over to Ironforge during my daily hour where I usually complete my Argent Tournament quests as well as jewelcrafting and random dungeon. When I got there I was shocked to only find 2 daily quests and even more shocked that it was actually only 1 but available from 2 people, so one of them disappeared when you completed the other.
Fortunately the dark iron dwarf attack is also a daily but thats only 25 tokens, bit of a let down after getting 125 in the first day :P. Anyway one of my guildies mentioned the Ram delivery quest is actually repeatable every 18 hours it just doesnt have a quest marker. Sure enough I popped over and was able to give it a shot but only managed to grab a couple of tokens from about 3-4 runs. Once I found out he made 21 runs I set out to get some tips.
Over on WoWWiki they have a chunk of text about getting the most out of your run, I’ll try and put it into simple steps but you can always pop over there for more information.

  • Use apple barrels – Follow the route on the right, passing apple barrels resets your fatigue so you can run at top speed 100% of the time.
  • Make your course changes quick – Aim your camera with your mouse then click to flip your character round as soon as you pickup/drop off a barrel.
  • Jump… alot – If you jump while galloping you will be flying through the air at top speed but only use Canter fatigue.
  • Learn and Improve – Every time you get your run faster it will mean more tokens, don’t worry if you mess up as it just takes practice.

I didn’t know about any of these tips, I used to just canter the whole way until I was close to 100 fatigue then just trot til it went down. Hopefully my run tonight will next me alot more than 6 tokens.

Weekend Update

I haven’t blogged much over the last few days but I’ve been busy busy on WoW. We’ll start with friday night, my guilds ICC25 alt run where they take undergeared characters such as my mage, Wizzam. Last week I was lucky enough to grab a heroic ring and necklace, this run I got my hands on a Vanquishers mark of Santification, which coupled with the 108 frost collection I reached after the run I was able to buy the Bloodmage Robe and instantly upgrade to Sanctified Bloodmage Robe before gemming and enchanting. I also managed to get my hands on Shoulders of Mercy Killing, so again not a bad week 🙂 a few steps closer to being strong enough to take down LK.

Also this weekend I got round to making a new alt. I went for a paladin and named him Rommli. We did a little leveling on the Friday before my raid and some more on the Sunday. Have only managed level 21 from a few quests and Deadmine runs, but in no hurry as I have til Cata to get him to 60 which shouldn’t take too long. As well as levelling him, I eventually gave my Deathknight another shot and got him from 56-60, slowly tidying all my characters up to at least 60.

Finally to round my weekend off I caught the start of Brewfest. I’m not really that bothered about getting all the world events on all my characters so Wizzam is going to taking this on. I’ve decided trying to raid with 2 characters isn’t really that viable so Tynee is going to get shelved from now til sometime in Cata. Wizzam will become my end-game character as he was in TBC where as Tynee will become my PvP character to spend most of his time in Battlegrounds and ganking PvE’ers waiting for dungeons.
Back to Brewfest, I was quite surprised that me and a couple of my friends managed to do all the achievements within about 30mins as most events take quite a while. The only one I have left is the dance in Dalaran and brew of the month/year which will only take a few days farming the tokens. I am hoping for the Kodo mount, and fingers crossed I get as lucky as this guy on the first day [image]. I already have the Halloween achievements on Wizzam so come October he’s going to get a little bored but I’ll be able to spend time on my other characters cleaning up their levels and professions in preparation for Cataclysm.

Wizzam Learns Higher!

After many weeks of nipping around Dalaran almost every visit as well as between randoms Wizzam has eventually learnt every book Daralan has to offer. I only popped on this morning to scan the AH with my bank character but had time to jump over to Wizzam and check for the last book. Low and behold I reached the top of the Violet Citadel steps and there was a book sitting there. I have checked this place many times before and came across two books in its spot that weren’t the one I needed so didn’t get my hopes up but after hovering my heart skipped a beat as I ran over to give it a read.
Achievement earned, unsure on what to do next I noticed I had mail from Rhonin. He had sent me a book which upon use teleported me up to the top of a tower where a lonely wizard handed me a new pet for showing him my new book.

Wizzam learns higher

Wizzam with his Kiron'Tor Familar

Another Alt…

Alliance BadgeWith Cataclysm on the Horizon I’ve decided to tidy up a few of my characters, namely my priest as I mainly made her to give me an experience at healing but after tying her up with tailoring she was/is going to be my bag vendor. However as much as Mind Control appeals to me I just haven’t been able to push myself to level her.

In the time leading up to Cata launch, instead of pushing myself to level up to 63 in order to break the 300 cap on my tailoring, I’ve decided to take an easier route and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m going to buy a new account for a friend so we can RAF (recruit a friend) at least one character each to 60. Then I’ll use 18 of those reward levels to get my priest up to 60 aswell as throw a few spares on other <60 characters such as my 55 warlock etc. But like the dilemma I had before with what to level my Worgen as I'm now stuck on what to level with this RAF. I need a Tank character, it goes against my squishy tendencies but there has been countless times my friends ask for some help on a quest or dungeon and none of my characters are strong enough to take them through. Deathknights have never really appealed to me, my first and only is still stuck on 56 since launch. Other than DK, I have 4 classes left to pick up; Shaman, Druid, Paladin and Hunter. My hunter is being left for my Worgen starting zone and I may try a Shaman if I can't push myself from 1-60 in the new Azeroth with my Hunter, so its down to a Paladin or Druid tank. Both can heal and mix it up to play multiple roles, both are known as great tanks although Druids edge ahead on the healing side if I ever did want to mix it up. But Paladins can do great AoE tanking which would help out massively in boosting friends through dungeons. I've got about a day to decide as my copy of WoW is in the post so no pressure!

Cataclysm Currency Changes: Update!

Blizzard have just released the current conversions for Emblems to points and gold, they are as following:

The following items are immediately converted to gold:

* Emblem of Heroism = 5.5 gold each
* Emblem of Valor = 5.5 gold each
* Emblem of Conquest = 5.5 gold each
* Badge of Justice = 1.833 gold each

Your New Honor Points total will be the sum of the following amounts:

* Old Honor * 0.024
* Old Arena Points * 0.85
* Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976
* Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08
* Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6
* Venture Coin * 3
* Spirit Shard * 1

Your Justice Points total will be equal to (Emblems of Triumph + Emblems of Frost ) * 2.75

Again, the softcap for both Honor and Justice conversions is 4000 points. This means that if a character converts to above 4,000 points, it will not be possible for them to earn more until they fall below the 4,000 cap.

A hardcap will be implemented in a following patch before Cataclysm’s release. At that time, any excess points above 4,000 will be converted as follows:

* Honor points above 4,000 are converted to gold at a rate of 35 silver per point of Honor.
* Justice points above 4,000 are converted to gold at a rate of 2 gold per point of Justice.

Blizzard [Source]