Wizzam dings 80!

Last night I managed to ding 80 on my mage, so that is now two characters at 80 just in time for Cataclysm. However after having one character at 60 in vanilla and two at 70 in TBC, I had hoped for three at 80 in WotLK. I’ve got a couple around about 60ish but the next character I’ll be moving over to will probably be my priest, Adlanna, as I want to get some end-game healing experience. I’m not likely to get her up in time for Cataclysm and after that will be alot of time spent on getting Tynee and Wizzam raiding ready so she might not hit cap for a long time but hopefully I’ll get her high enough to max out her professions.


Anyway I was quite fortunate last night as only an hour after dinging and having learnt my new spec and rotation (not much sadly for mages) my guild were doing a ToTC10 run. Having no 80 gear it was ideal for me to get geared up a little. I managed to pick up Darkbane Pendant and Rod of Imprisoned Souls. This in turn boosted me up enough so that now apparently I’m geared enough for heriocs. So hopefully I may end up grabbing Kingslayer on Wizzam almost as soon as I do on Tynee 😀