Reason for lack of updates

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long while, which is mainly due to the Cataclysm launch. Leading up to launch I didn’t have much to do in WoW and just ended up spending most of my time on Counterstrike Source and Battlefield Bad Company. Unfortunately on top of that I still haven’t received my copy from GAME. They mailed me last week to tell me it had been dispatched on the 2nd┬áDecember, however I’m still waiting. I’m confused to how it isn’t hear yet and I’ve ordered 2 things through the Royal Mail on Monday and Tuesday which both arrived Wednesday and Thursday, yet my game is still in transit.

If it isn’t here by tomorrow morning I’ll be taking a trip down the high street to pick myself up a copy at a slightly higher price then return my copy from GAME to my local store… if it ever gets here.

In the mean time its just the waiting game. Don’t want to log in without being Cataclysm enabled as there won’t be any more to do than before the patch but look out for some continious updates once I get going again (and possibly move web servers, my current is free and takes too long to load during peak hours which is when I tend to have time to post).