Blizzcon knocking on the door

Only mere hours til Blizzcon kicks off! With Cataclysm’s date already released what other big news do they have in store for us this Friday? Schedules are already up for the the entire event to give you a slight idea on what there covering, however it doesn’t include exactly what is being covered in those segments 😉 that is probably a secret to everyone outside Blizzard. Rumours are that there will be some big news, which is kind of backed slightly by the fact the Cata date was released early, maybe they didn’t bother holding on because it would of been shadowed?
I myself would of loved to attend the event and may possibly make a push to make it their next year. I’m not massively into Blizzard as a whole as I’m only really interested in WoW, however I did really enjoy Diablo 2 and will most likely be getting Diablo 3. Even still, Blizzcon in my eyes is as almost as big as E3 as an convention. Due to the exclusivity and price of entry to E3, Blizzcon is probably the biggest convention I’ll ever get to attend so would love to experience it someday.
I’ve been to a couple of conventions before, including GameStars Live and Multiplay’s iSeries. Its the feeling of being there, getting hands-on previews of everything that makes it special. Because of that I won’t be bothering with the Blizzcon Virtual ticket as I’m happy finding out news via the hundreds of gaming sites and podcasts that will be covering it as well, but would love to be there in the future.