Cursed HC Daily Run

Mr.UnluckyYesterday I think I had a cursed daily run that resulted in me just giving up and missing out on my two frost emblems.
It all began with a trip into Pit of Saron with a fellow guildy healing and the rest of the party filled with randoms. The run went really smooth, no deaths and managed to sneak past all the waves you can skip after Ick without any issues. I know this doesn’t sound cursed so far, but it gets better. We hit Scourgelord Tyrannus and thats where it began. The bug with him is famous yet some people still manage to whip out their DPS e-peen too fast. The DK dps started the fight and caused the bug. The boss was just standing their while Rimefang dropped his icey splodges. We waited… moved to the tunnel and waited some more… no change so wiped and healer used SS to pop back up and resurrect the party. However although Tyrannus was back on Rimefang he was still dropping his splodges. Unable to tele out and in due to ‘being in combat’ (even though we could mount) we went to the start of the tunnel and the ceiling reset to start falling again. Back to Tyrannus but still bugged we gave up and ported to another dungeon.

This time Drak’Tharon Keep, but just another host to our cursed party. Hitting the first boss we had just cleared the trash but the Tank and Healer were lagged looting the mobs, they could still chat but couldn’t move. We didn’t notice this til after the DK dps began fighting the boss so in an attempt to down him as fast as possible Wizzam, a warlock and the DK nuked him down to about 120k health before he cleaned us all out and began bashing the healer and tank. Being lagged they weren’t taking any damage, well at least for about 20 seconds before dropping to the floor. Me and my guildy called it a day and I went back to polishing off my dailies and topping up my cooking to 400 to start gathering tokens.

Not the best day and I’m still 10 frosts behind my pants which I hope to get before ICC25 this Friday, not sure whether to make a big push this Thursday for them or just to wait til after the raid in case I get a 264 replacement as a drop.