Sad times…

Sad-FaceAfter grabbing my Crusader title yesterday my dailies no longer have much of a drive. I can do them for the seals in order to grab a couple of pets, mounts or tabards but that’s not enough push for me to carry on doing these dailies. The gold was great, I shot from 3k up to 8k while still gemming and enchanting numerous pieces of gear I get from ICC every week but now I don’t have much of a push to do them I feel… bored.

The main thing I logged in for every day was my dailies. I’ll still log in for my 2 frosts from a random HC each day, but with no world events and already having the Hallows End achievements its going to be a dry last two month for Wizzam. The only thing I have to do are raids but with most of them being planned or most not having time for when I log in every evening I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.

Going to have a gander over my achievements tonight to see if there is anything worth getting up to. Tynee is shelved as I don’t want to waste time PvP’ing with him since battlegrounds is as far as I’ll get before Cata with the closure of the Arena season. I would like to level up my priest but I’m waiting til I get 60 on my paladin to award her to 60 first so she is kind of capped. Fingers crossed I get her sorted really soon as I don’t want to drift off WoW this close to Cataclysm! Happened back in lead up to WotLK 🙁

Brewfest Dailies

Brewfest Ram RouteYesterday I headed back over to Ironforge during my daily hour where I usually complete my Argent Tournament quests as well as jewelcrafting and random dungeon. When I got there I was shocked to only find 2 daily quests and even more shocked that it was actually only 1 but available from 2 people, so one of them disappeared when you completed the other.
Fortunately the dark iron dwarf attack is also a daily but thats only 25 tokens, bit of a let down after getting 125 in the first day :P. Anyway one of my guildies mentioned the Ram delivery quest is actually repeatable every 18 hours it just doesnt have a quest marker. Sure enough I popped over and was able to give it a shot but only managed to grab a couple of tokens from about 3-4 runs. Once I found out he made 21 runs I set out to get some tips.
Over on WoWWiki they have a chunk of text about getting the most out of your run, I’ll try and put it into simple steps but you can always pop over there for more information.

  • Use apple barrels – Follow the route on the right, passing apple barrels resets your fatigue so you can run at top speed 100% of the time.
  • Make your course changes quick – Aim your camera with your mouse then click to flip your character round as soon as you pickup/drop off a barrel.
  • Jump… alot – If you jump while galloping you will be flying through the air at top speed but only use Canter fatigue.
  • Learn and Improve – Every time you get your run faster it will mean more tokens, don’t worry if you mess up as it just takes practice.

I didn’t know about any of these tips, I used to just canter the whole way until I was close to 100 fatigue then just trot til it went down. Hopefully my run tonight will next me alot more than 6 tokens.