Bit the bullet

On Tuesday night I had ran a dungeon or two on my priest, played a couple of matches on Counter strike Source and then I found myself sitting infront of my steam library wondering what to do next. A couple of the lads in the CSS matches mentioned about popping on Minecraft so I decided to have a gander on the Minecraft site.

I’ve seen loads of Minecraft related news and talk over the last few months but never really bothered getting interested. The YouTube video on their home page was enough to sway my and within minutes I had signed up to a premium account.

One of my friends who used to play it back in November eased me into it, teaching me the ropes while getting the feel for it again himself.

Within minutes we had built our, while my, first home… out of dirt. I was still grasping the basics and could only find dirt or sand in my reach. Ben, my buddy began mining his way down to valuables. Before long he came across a lava pool so I ventured down to see it in all its glory. Being a bit fumbly still, I accidently knocked him in before slipping in myself. We decided to call it a night as it was a long way back from spawn and the other half was telling me to get to bed.