Another one bites the dust

I got in from work yesterday to find that the girlfriend, that had laughed at me for playing such a poor looking game, had now bought it herself and wanted to help me build my structures. Once I had her added to the whitelist we began on my mine.

Even though I had dug down to bedrock and beyond I had only came across 4 coal sections, 1 gold, 1 diamond about about 2 iron.  Within minutes she had already stuck a cavern filled with goodies and we set on it, even coming across my first lava sources and Obsidian. Not sure whether to call her a lucky charm or just to admit that she is better at mining than me :(.

Needless to say I am now more hooked since I have someone else to explore and build with, I haven’t seen Ben online since Day 1! Five hours later we decided to call it a night after I had worked on my front path, bridge, back patio and cellar. Pictures or video to come soon!