Wizzam Learns Higher!

After many weeks of nipping around Dalaran almost every visit as well as between randoms Wizzam has eventually learnt every book Daralan has to offer. I only popped on this morning to scan the AH with my bank character but had time to jump over to Wizzam and check for the last book. Low and behold I reached the top of the Violet Citadel steps and there was a book sitting there. I have checked this place many times before and came across two books in its spot that weren’t the one I needed so didn’t get my hopes up but after hovering my heart skipped a beat as I ran over to give it a read.
Achievement earned, unsure on what to do next I noticed I had mail from Rhonin. He had sent me a book which upon use teleported me up to the top of a tower where a lonely wizard handed me a new pet for showing him my new book.

Wizzam learns higher

Wizzam with his Kiron'Tor Familar