Weekend Update

I haven’t blogged much over the last few days but I’ve been busy busy on WoW. We’ll start with friday night, my guilds ICC25 alt run where they take undergeared characters such as my mage, Wizzam. Last week I was lucky enough to grab a heroic ring and necklace, this run I got my hands on a Vanquishers mark of Santification, which coupled with the 108 frost collection I reached after the run I was able to buy the Bloodmage Robe and instantly upgrade to Sanctified Bloodmage Robe before gemming and enchanting. I also managed to get my hands on Shoulders of Mercy Killing, so again not a bad week 🙂 a few steps closer to being strong enough to take down LK.

Also this weekend I got round to making a new alt. I went for a paladin and named him Rommli. We did a little leveling on the Friday before my raid and some more on the Sunday. Have only managed level 21 from a few quests and Deadmine runs, but in no hurry as I have til Cata to get him to 60 which shouldn’t take too long. As well as levelling him, I eventually gave my Deathknight another shot and got him from 56-60, slowly tidying all my characters up to at least 60.

Finally to round my weekend off I caught the start of Brewfest. I’m not really that bothered about getting all the world events on all my characters so Wizzam is going to taking this on. I’ve decided trying to raid with 2 characters isn’t really that viable so Tynee is going to get shelved from now til sometime in Cata. Wizzam will become my end-game character as he was in TBC where as Tynee will become my PvP character to spend most of his time in Battlegrounds and ganking PvE’ers waiting for dungeons.
Back to Brewfest, I was quite surprised that me and a couple of my friends managed to do all the achievements within about 30mins as most events take quite a while. The only one I have left is the dance in Dalaran and brew of the month/year which will only take a few days farming the tokens. I am hoping for the Kodo mount, and fingers crossed I get as lucky as this guy on the first day [image]. I already have the Halloween achievements on Wizzam so come October he’s going to get a little bored but I’ll be able to spend time on my other characters cleaning up their levels and professions in preparation for Cataclysm.

Wizzam ventures into ICC

Last night Wizzam took his first steps into ICC with 24 other players. I’ve only managed 1 ICC25 with Tynee as since then the usual raid leaders had a party to attend then I was off to i40 and then the lakes. I originally planned to do an ICC25 HC with Tynee however barely any of the 26 signed up came online during invite time so I jumped into a normal guild ICC25 with Wizzam and got really lucky. I missed out on a spell damage dagger early on however HC gunship dropped some loot I could do with. Can’t say I didn’t make the other casters cry when I rolled a 96 for Ring of Rapid Ascent then a 95 for the next item, Amulet of the Silent Eulogy. There was a Mage decked out in the Sanctified Bloodmage’s Regalia who was desperate for the ring but I’m glad it went to someone more important 😉

We went on to plough our way through the bosses and tried Rotface on Herioc but after 3 wipes gave up. We were dropping 3-4 players early on due to not moving as soon taps began and waiting for slime as well as big spray hits etc. Well we took him on normal then moved on to one hit Festergut, Professor Putricide and the Blood Prince Council before hitting a brick wall on Blood-Queen Lana’thel. People messing up on biting as usual as well as not moving with Swarm of Shadows or getting close enough for Pact of the Darkfallen. After about 5-6 wipes we called it a night at 12am. It was all going so well until then and I had hoped to better her since I had the same issue when I was here with Tynee a few weeks earlier, people failing on bites.

Icecrown CitadelAnyway, it was a great night and can’t wait til next Friday to possibly get my hands on some more gear. I’m only about 33 frosts from buying my first piece of Bloodmage Regalia, Bloodmage Robe.
Got to shoot off now to walk the dog before upgrading my PC RAM and moving over to Windows 7. Laters!