Bringing home the Epics

Patchwork HorrorOver the weekend I eventually took it upon myself to get back into the new patch, I dabbled a bit on the Wednesday night, but didn’t feel like I had enough time to get right into it so I left it aside for a bit. Come Sunday I updated all my addons I could and decided to roll into fire.
Back in TBC I was specced fire for end-game but come WotLK I dabbled in some Arcane. Arcane was powerful, and I loved cleaning hordes that tried to get jumps on me while I worked on my dailies however it was a really boring spec for raiding. Now I’ve tried fire again with the new additions of hot streak, living bomb and impact, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve only done heroics so far but can’t wait to jump back into some raiding.
Farming heriocs I managed to replace my cape and belt taking my GS up to 5.8k, leaving only a buyable trinket left to save up my JP for. It won’t take long, probably only a night before I’m fully geared. Not sure what I’ll do after that, will probably need to convince my girlfriend to let me do ICC again on Friday. Going to have to make a push to get my Paladin up so I can start leveling my priest before Cataclysm, need to stock up on bags from her tailoring.