No longer 310% Mounts

So congratulations to a big chunk of my guild that managed to get their 310% mounts from Uldaar earlier this week. I’m a little gutted as I only managed to back end of the raid to pick up 3 achievements. I thought there would still be time to get my hands on it to save me some money but that has changed.

With 4.0.1 the mounts are all still achievable but the speeds will no longer be 310%, they will be the highest speed you have currently learnt. From this patch onward the only way to obtain 310% is with Master Riding. I may still make a push for the mount, as it is an amazing looking mount, but without the bonus of 310% I’m not so sure I’ll be willing to put in the effort.


There are no 310% mounts anymore. 310% speed is now obtained via Master riding, a new flying skill. All flying mounts are now only distinguished by aesthetics.