Cataclysm CE available in the UK online

So finally more and more UK stores have been offering pre-orders on the Collectors Edition for Cataclysm. So far I’ve noticed both ShopTo and stocking the game with a £55 asking price.

I myself have now decided against the collectors edition. As much as I would love all the goodies I’m not willing to pay more than double the cost of the standard version for it. I would of paid about £40, maybe £45 at a push, but £55 is really asking too much in my opinion. Yeah the pet is probably worth a few pound on its own and you may end up with another couple of loot cards in the card pack, but £30 on top of the normal asking price doesn’t weigh up for me.

Searching High and Low…

So since the news release on the Collectors Edition of Cataclysm I’ve been searching all over the internet to get a pre-order. I already have the standard edition on pre-order however I would love a mini Deathwing pet!

The only places I have managed to find taking orders online are GameStop and But they are for US citizens, no where does UK pre-orders. I was also told it would only be available from stores not online however all my local game shops tell me they aren’t and don’t plan on doing a pre-order :S

Only options I have left are to hope for a midnight launch at a local store, wait a few days after release til I can get my hands on a copy or just settle with a standard edition on launch.