Blizzcon Pet announced!

DeathlocSo if you didn’t catch any of the news as it rolled straight off the press yesterday, Blizzard have announced the pet available to people attending Blizzcon as well as those purchasing a virtual ticket for the event.

I didn’t really see this coming. When I heard the pet was Deathwing related I couldn’t imagine what they would come up with. There already is a mini-deathwing available for people who pick up a Collectors Edition of Cataclysm, a deathwing murloc, that certainly surprised me.

I myself aren’t into vanity pets all that much. I think its nice to have an original one or something to get peoples attention etc but as a Rogue I tend not to bother with them since they kind of give away my location when stealthed :P. On my Mage however I do tend to bring one out now and then, usually my phoenix from MGT as its pretty rare, but I would love a murloc as their sounds are great! I don’t tend to spend much if any cash on virtual things as I can’t push myself to ‘waste’ my money on something I don’t have physically. I won’t be spending the £25 price tag on a virtual ticket as I don’t think the pet is worth that much and I’ll just find out all the Blizzcon news from  my favourite podcasts as well as various blog sites.

Anyone else considering this pet? Or have opinions on its looks? I like murlocs but this one isn’t really down my alley.