Weekend Update

Blood Queen ThumbAnother weekend over, another bunch of travels to blog about. Guess we’ll start with an update on my ICC25 trip, it may be the last one for a while as I’ve got plans both Fridays coming up so going to have to try and get in a mid-week run, however maybe it will give me time for my throat to get better after the excitement.
As usual, new run = new item, this time it was Rigormortis, rolling a 4 fortuntely I was the only there that wanted it however this wasn’t the reason for my sore throat. We did the usual 9 bosses with no hitches at all, think there may have only been the princes we didn’t 1 shot. Up the the Blood Queen, the barrier of the friday night fun run. Getting close a few times my hopes were low after countless trips here and even more wipes to her hand. Forth try we nailed it, I was suprised and elated, trying not to scream due to the late hour I keep it all in my throat which wasn’t such a good idea after the excitement died down. I’ve only ran ICC about 5 times, and we’ve flew through the bosses with ease so its never felt like an achievement downing certain bosses, however when one thats gave you great trouble again and again finally dies it brings back progress feelings from TBC.

Other than ICC I haven’t managed to get up to much other than completing the starting zone quests around the Exodar to clean up exhaulted reps with all the major cities. Not far to go I should have Exodar tonight and Darnassus later this week. Gnomeregan should fall in with that, if not ill top it up with writs from my dailies. Breaks being cut shortish as I spent more time this break catching up on the Cata news over the weekend and less time drafting my blog.