DING! 85

Yeyyy I hit 85 last night. Just over a week since I started on Cataclysm, playing a little more than casual, completed on the coast of Uldum.

Wizzam 85

Wizzam 85

Didn’t get much chance to gear up afterwards due to my average iLvl being 319, 9 under the requirement for Heroics. I think next time I’m online I’ll make a start on Tol Barad dailies for the stone drake as well as finishing up the quests in Uldum and then make a start on Twighlight for hopefully better gear, all while sitting in random dungeon queues 😛 Got it all planned, just need the time 🙁 Well with Christmas almost upon us I’ve got just over a week off work so shouldn’t be a problem.

Bringing home the Epics

Patchwork HorrorOver the weekend I eventually took it upon myself to get back into the new patch, I dabbled a bit on the Wednesday night, but didn’t feel like I had enough time to get right into it so I left it aside for a bit. Come Sunday I updated all my addons I could and decided to roll into fire.
Back in TBC I was specced fire for end-game but come WotLK I dabbled in some Arcane. Arcane was powerful, and I loved cleaning hordes that tried to get jumps on me while I worked on my dailies however it was a really boring spec for raiding. Now I’ve tried fire again with the new additions of hot streak, living bomb and impact, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve only done heroics so far but can’t wait to jump back into some raiding.
Farming heriocs I managed to replace my cape and belt taking my GS up to 5.8k, leaving only a buyable trinket left to save up my JP for. It won’t take long, probably only a night before I’m fully geared. Not sure what I’ll do after that, will probably need to convince my girlfriend to let me do ICC again on Friday. Going to have to make a push to get my Paladin up so I can start leveling my priest before Cataclysm, need to stock up on bags from her tailoring.

Did Yogg-Saron order a knuckle sandwich?

Yogg-SaronQuiet times on my World of Warcraft account recently. Without the push to need to log on for my Argent dailies then I don’t feel like logging on for either my daily HC or JC and Cooking quests either. At the minute the only reason I log on are raids and every morning to scan the AH for price updates.
However this weekend I managed to get a start on Glory of the Ulduar Raider to get my first 310% mount which is by far the best looking drake in the game! Last week I joined in with my guild on the end of a Uldaar HM run. I managed to part-take in taking down General Vezax but after countless wipes on Yogg we called it a night. Going back in last night we went straight for Yogg, I think it was an extended lockout but either way 5 wipes in we eventually nailed it with an amazing try. All though we lost a chunk of players early into phase 3 we managed to down him pretty fast. Moving over to Razorscale in 2 tries we grabbed Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare whilst I boxed my way up to 400 unarmed.
So a couple of achievements this week, most of the run grabbing their last few achievements for their mounts and the others beginning the trek. I think after the Wed/Thur ICC run there will be another Uldaar run organised for the ones that missed out / original’s alts to grab the rest of the achievements and all get their hands on the sexy Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake.

Crusader Wizzam!

After grinding my butt through the Exodar and Darnassus starting zones last night I picked up the last chunk of rep needed to get exalted with every Alliance major city. That tied in with finishing up my last 5 seals for Exodar, I now own the Crusader title on Wizzam aswell as Tynee. Fortunately I knew about the pony before I wasted my seals so headed straight over to grab a mount for my squire.

On another note, Cataclysm’s official release date has been confirmed for the 7th December 2010 as predicted. Now I’ve got just over 2 month to decide whether to cancel my collectors or standard version of the game. Unsure whether to book in some holidays or not as well 😛

Twilight Vanquisher

Haven’t been up to much on World of Warcraft lately, been having loads of issues with my motherboard accepting my new RAM. Managed to get it working tonight however it won’t remain stable so had to revert back to my old RAM for now til I’ve got time to mess around.
Managed enough time to complete my Argent Tournament dailies though aswell as farm a few HCs for emblems and honor before my guild pulled me into an OB25 3D. Was ezymode with the amount of gear we all had, in and out, job done in minutes. Its looking like Tynee might get left behind, I think I may end up reverting back to my TBC idea in Cata. Gearing up Wizzam for PvE and if end-game cata is anything like WotLK then just farm emblems and honor for Tynee’s PvP gear for the rated Battlegrounds.
If I manage to get my RAM sorted sooner rather than later then I’ll be looking to get my hands on some recording and editing software to fill my new YouTube channel :).


Epic Achievement

Only 1 day 6 hours played at 80 I’ve grabbed my Epic achievement. Got it much faster than on Tynee, however higher level gear is so much easier to get your hands on now with the ICC5s, better emblem gear and TotC raids. My final piece were the Khadgar’s Leggings of Triumph, which are now gemmed and enchanted and ready to go.

Only thing I’m really considering now is the chest piece but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get into a few ICC10 and 25 runs geared as I am. With more interest in Wizzam lately I’m a little worried I get Kingslayer on him before Tynee 😛

Wizzam dings 80!

Last night I managed to ding 80 on my mage, so that is now two characters at 80 just in time for Cataclysm. However after having one character at 60 in vanilla and two at 70 in TBC, I had hoped for three at 80 in WotLK. I’ve got a couple around about 60ish but the next character I’ll be moving over to will probably be my priest, Adlanna, as I want to get some end-game healing experience. I’m not likely to get her up in time for Cataclysm and after that will be alot of time spent on getting Tynee and Wizzam raiding ready so she might not hit cap for a long time but hopefully I’ll get her high enough to max out her professions.


Anyway I was quite fortunate last night as only an hour after dinging and having learnt my new spec and rotation (not much sadly for mages) my guild were doing a ToTC10 run. Having no 80 gear it was ideal for me to get geared up a little. I managed to pick up Darkbane Pendant and Rod of Imprisoned Souls. This in turn boosted me up enough so that now apparently I’m geared enough for heriocs. So hopefully I may end up grabbing Kingslayer on Wizzam almost as soon as I do on Tynee 😀