Did Yogg-Saron order a knuckle sandwich?

Yogg-SaronQuiet times on my World of Warcraft account recently. Without the push to need to log on for my Argent dailies then I don’t feel like logging on for either my daily HC or JC and Cooking quests either. At the minute the only reason I log on are raids and every morning to scan the AH for price updates.
However this weekend I managed to get a start on Glory of the Ulduar Raider to get my first 310% mount which is by far the best looking drake in the game! Last week I joined in with my guild on the end of a Uldaar HM run. I managed to part-take in taking down General Vezax but after countless wipes on Yogg we called it a night. Going back in last night we went straight for Yogg, I think it was an extended lockout but either way 5 wipes in we eventually nailed it with an amazing try. All though we lost a chunk of players early into phase 3 we managed to down him pretty fast. Moving over to Razorscale in 2 tries we grabbed Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare whilst I boxed my way up to 400 unarmed.
So a couple of achievements this week, most of the run grabbing their last few achievements for their mounts and the others beginning the trek. I think after the Wed/Thur ICC run there will be another Uldaar run organised for the ones that missed out / original’s alts to grab the rest of the achievements and all get their hands on the sexy Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake.